Friday, August 12, 2011

Ring in the Weekend

*sold "Dew" size 7.25

The weather has been beautiful, cool, seductive. I've spent a lot of time wandering in the mornings and I've enjoyed studio time too, with doors and windows flung open listening to my garden just outside, hummingbirds thrum by my door, stop and sip. Monarchs the same color as my exploding zinnias are regular visitors. Drops of dew paint the evening weavings the spiders contribute. In my bed I can hear hungry owls as they hunt under that nearly full moon, their sudden screech ripping the silence. It feels like fall, autumn in August is a pure and true gift.

I have three rings to show, first is this beautiful faceted drop of prehnite dew on a highly patterned saddle band that is half an inch in front and tapering for comfort.

Berry leaves........

wrap around

"Beneath the Oaks" size 8.25

A sparkling shaded, faceted tourmailne glitters......

on a band of oak leaves

Half an inch in the front and graduating

"Streamside" size 7

Last summer Eric and I hiked a steep walled canyon below a tungsten mine high up in the Sierras. We hiked along a stream and collected interesting smooth rocks filled with minerals. We languished in the generous shade of the white poplars and waded into the icy water.

*can you tell I'm ready to go back :)

I created the scene on the sides and included a beautiful aquamarine.


Three rings which I'm previewing to you then moving to etsy over the weekend if unclaimed.

Early, early, early in a blanket of fog this morning the ravens sang me a song while they tussled in the sycamores.

Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend ladies and a few gents, xoxoxXO Ro


  1. I love these rings and yes,...the fog is here too...hard to photograph with all the diffraction! xoxo

  2. Such gorgeous rings! Absolutely love your ring patterns! Beautiful work!

  3. I don't know what's prettier...your words or your rings. Love all the rings but the "dew" is my fav. Have a great weekend Ro!

  4. I love the sierras, love your rings and I'm happy for the cool weather for you too. (hope you get back to the sierras soon!)

  5. Glad you're having such good weather! Your description of your garden & wildlife surroundings sounds intoxicating!:)! And the Sierra hike! The rings are so so wonderful!! xoxoxo

  6. ooh, so pretty, I just love them!
    Your descriptions too!
    hugs Ro!

  7. Thank you so much dear friends!! I'm hoping some of you look up tonight and catch a few falling stars.✶✶

    Meteors will be competing with that big moon! xoxoxox

  8. Hasn't this weather been sorta' crazy? But, oh, so very grand!!! I can't imagine it getting a whole lot better considering what month we're in... though, I still have my fingers crossed for rain.

    I agree with Sandi, your descriptions in this post were quite lovely! The trip to the Sierras you described sounds truly amazing and (is it any wonder?) the ring it inspired is also my favorite. Something about that icy blue stone and the pattern on the band -- really striking!

    I love your raven photo and those tunes they sing... Since we had a nesting family near the houses this year, I am lucky enough to get to hear their conversations and calls almost every day this summer. *grin*

    P.S. I peeked out my window tonight and saw that big, beautiful moon rising over the hills. Couldn't help myself and put on my shoes to go out and see if a few decent pics were possible. I might have gotten lucky... Did you get any?

  9. What a trio of rings, performing in harmony! These are just glorious!

    Was up at 4:30 am, checked the sky--was clear last night, but a cloud layer had moved in that's lingering this morning. Very disappointing...hope some of the rest of you along this trail watched the meteors last night/this morning!!!

  10. Hi Harsi, I stood under the moon too but I have so many pictures I gave it a rest, however I nearly darted back inside for it when a cloud that looked just like a narwal swam right by that bright guy, but I just watched it pass instead.

    Luck you and the raven family.

    That aquamarine really cools ya off :)

    Thank you Caroline!
    Me too, 4 am clouds:( maybe tomorrow morning. Still I love those clouds, not holding anything against them.