Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More on Hair

St. Margaret's school uniform complete with clip on bow tie

The other day we were talking about Martin P Darrows hair and I wrote this in response to Deb's recollection of her layer cut experience.

Oh man Deb, my mom took me down to the corner beauty shoppe one summer when I was about 8 or 9 and they cut off my pony tail because she wanted me to have a "page boy" (I didn't know what that was) it was "boy" that's for sure. I had to start school that fall with a boys haircut. I was humiliated but my mom kept telling me it was cuuute (NOT) I'll never forget being in line for school pictures and when I got to the front of the line the lady with the hairbrush looked at me kind of stunned, then looked at the lady combing the boys hair and pushed me over to her. She stuck the comb in some slimy green gel and swooped my hair in front like all the boys :( :( Many years later I found the full page of tiny pictures, my mother must have been ashamed and not put any pictures of me in the Christmas cards that year as was her habit.

I knew I had the picture somewhere, when my mom passed away it was one of the treasures I grabbed but I never turned it over until last night.

* it reads on the back in my mothers hand; Rochelle Ross, Grade 1, after a haircut does not do her justice.

It turns out I was 6 and Mom if your listening, you had an amazing poker face.......TOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!

xoxox Ro


  1. What a STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this, too!!!! And you know, you were still beautiful--just look at the light in those eyes....

    Mothers are an amazing bunch, the way they think!!

  2. what a story indeed....xoxo
    personally , I think you looked beautiful!

  3. HAHA that is priceless! What a fantastic story!

  4. Oh My Ro! this .... is... just...priceless!
    and an fyi, you could never look like a boy because just look at that sweet face!
    How very, very special that you found the picture, and best of all, your mom's note! She is smiling from heaven, because you made everyone feel love!!
    xo, xo with all of mine!

  5. Beautiful story! There is still something so warm about your picture.

    I was the only girl in the class who was making her First Communion having similar boys haircut to yours. I was 8 then. My mother kept telling me that if I hadn't stopped chewing my hair, she would have my hair cut short. Frankly, I didn't believe she would be able to do it just before the ceremony. But she was. I look like a boy who wears a dress instead of a suit on my pictures from that day. Plus, I had a garland on my freshly cropped hair. I was a weirdo. And, in a way, that was a positive experience. I learned that it is not so bad to stand out from the crowd. :)

  6. I knew you guys would appreciate this one.

    Ha haaa Kain :) :)

    Gosh Caroline I remember it so clearly and that was a long time ago. Aww I don't think any 8 yr old isn't beautiful even with bad hair :)
    MoM's nothing like MoM's

    Aww Mona always the sweetest pea ♥

    I thought you wold like it Jaime, he heeeee

    Deb, I know my mom is always with me, she was my biggest cheerleader. My other favorite part about this is that she included my last name :) :) always the bookkeeper gotta get those facts straight.

    Well Magda it could be the photo retouching :) They took class pictures seriously back then!! You and I without pony tails :( too bad you didn't at least have a veil, that was the popular communion wear here, I'm sure you were adorable, thanks for sharing.

    Not so bad at all!! xoxoxoxoxxo

  7. What a wonderful story sure conjures up memories.

    I remember my grandmother cutting my bangs one day while my mother was working. When she got home, needless to say, all hell broke loose. I couldn't have been much more than 6 or 7 but that memory sure sticks.

  8. Soooo FUNNY!! Wonderful too that you found your Mom's note on the back. Even with the "boy" cut you look awfully cute :-) xoxoxo

  9. Oh, man....we all have a haircut story, don't we? MY mom was convinced I could pull off the Twiggy look. Enough said.

    Your mom IS always with you. You are so right, and she has a lot of be proud of...!!

    Aren't you precious! I love this story...complete with the "serendipity" of discovering the back !!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! That is too cute, and such a good Mom story....
    I am glad you found the note :)


  11. Note the gel swoosh Priscilla FUNNY!!

    I think your mom was right Lisa but young girls like long hair. Same, same Lisa, I know your mom was a terrific lady.

    Me too Allison, you'll be creating your own mom stories in a short while, congratulations!


  12. omg!! how cute is that pic of you!! i am just catching up on my blogs, having been gone for awhile. i loved the posting on Martin as well, and of course your beautiful work. oh, it was so nice to be home :) thanks again ro <3 rae.

  13. WOW...that's worse than i ever imagined Ro....makes Mart's look like an Edward Scissorhands job! That horrid clip bow endured some childhood trauma girlfriend...but it all shaped you are today...and that's a very good thing. :)

  14. Rae I was embarrassed to show you what I did to mu yorkie but I had to fess up :)

    What Sue I thought everyone wore a clip on tie to school??? no? I'm thinking about wearing one now.


  15. Ro... commenting late again. (sorry!)

    Aside from the (yes, I agree) truly awful hair-do, when I saw your photo I was immediately struck by your beautiful eyes... the twinkle in them hasn't changed one bit!

    What a marvelous gift to find the message written by your mom too! Lovely story... thank you for sharing, Ro.