Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Sunday was amazing, when I woke up and the sky was still dark but I could smell rain. The clouds were thick and full and with the air sill warm it felt like I was wearing them, I like to wear clouds.
Eric and I had already planned to hike, the surprise weather was a bonus.

*My dear, deer :)

brown studded with green, studded with gray

I love my new pouch and I asked Laura if she would build a couple more in case any of you wanted your very own. Laura added two to her new etsy shoppe and I'm sure she's open to custom orders. She also makes her own stamps and in turn makes them into greeting cards. Laura is a gifted painter and comes from an artistic family, needless to say we adore her.

*Laura models my jewery

blossoming elderberry

We hiked on the deer trails and since I'm not 30 or 40 or even 50 I detest pictures of myself but I thought I'd be brave. This is me hiking in the weeds, on the lookout for rattlesnakes.

The rain came down on us, we watched the sky's light up from or crows nest view on the hilltops, thunder rumbled in the distance then overhead.

buckwheat up close, ant umbrella

drinking cup

Eric look alike

molting red tail, "ohhhh I love your new suit".

The Jimson Weed was so stunning with it's droplets I couldn't show just one picture.

I always think of Georgia O' Keeffe , always.

another world.....

of beauty.

The sun is blaring as bright as Gabriel's trumpet today but I still have the memories.
Thanks for joining us along Sundays trail. (which should have been named cloudday) :)
xo Ro and E


  1. thanks for the grand tour, once again. i feel like i am right there with you. rae

  2. I always love your pictures (always amazed at all of the critters you manage to capture with your lens), thank you for taking us along on your walks, glad you got some rain. I keep looking at the necklace from your last post, I love the kinetic feel of it with all of the different colors and textures, very cool:) Take care, keep cool.

  3. From your photos, it appears you had a wonderful hike!! For a moment I could imagine feeling the cooling clouds & rain :) I really really enjoy your photos!! It is unrelentingly hot here with very little rain (although when it does rain, it just gets hot & steamy, not cool).

    Love yesterday's necklaces & those peacock earrings that appeared in your store!!

    Just quickly checked out Laura's etsy store & made it a favorite - will be going back - like her prints!! xoxoxo

  4. Hello talented Rae thank you for the hike :)

    Oh gosh Susie the rain was a total surprise though the thunderheads over the mountains have been fantastical the last couple of weeks, white and billowy beyond belief.
    Thank you for the necklace love xo

    I know that steamy feeling Priscilla and that oppressive humidity, blah!!! Thank you for the Laura hearts I know she appreciates them. She has more prints coming too.
    xoxoxx (here's to air conditioning) xxxxx

  5. "Ant umbrella"--hahahaaaa!!!!!

    Love the close-ups of these flowers, especially the jimson weed--the art and patterns in nature are astounding--I can return to these photos again and again for inspiration--lovely hiking with you here!!

    Thanks for including the link to Laura's shop. :-) It IS a lovely site....

    And I'm glad to see you watching out for rattlers--way to pay attention in the wild.
    No casualties, please.

    That red-tailed hawk looks embarrassed--he'll be gorgeous again soon...molting must be hard work.

    Thanks for the hike in the cool air....

  6. lovely and refreshing! great pictures Ro! I feel like I'm there with you..the rain was wonderful!!


  7. I ♥ Cloudday! I wish it really did happen once a week... wouldn't that be nice? "Wearing clouds"... what fantastic imagery you create!

    I am seriously impressed with the photos from this walk, Ro. You did Georgia proud with those Jimson Weed shots... flower abstract at its best. And, of course, you already knew I would would be a huge fan of the Green Lynx Spider image, didn't you? "Ant umbrella"... I'm cracking up right along with Caroline. HEE HEE!

    I too was totally clueless about Laura being such a talented artist -- I'm really impressed with her prints and I'm seriously considering having her make me a field pouch of my own. Thanks for the link!!!

    Since no one has bothered to say this to you yet... Ro, you are a beautiful woman, and nothing as superfluous as a number could ever change that. I love this photo and I'm glad that you were willing to share it. Eric really captured you in your element... And speaking of which, I adore his deer impression!

  8. i agree, beauty is timeless and you are lovely.

    loved the cool hike, and i have been enjoying thunderheads from here too, they are the purest shade of white. we haven't seen any rain though, i'm thinking the mountains are.

    laura is wonderfully talented, her prints are beautiful and remind me of Gwen Frostic, one of my favorites. i've hearted laura too.

    happy wednesday ro!
    love, lori

  9. Well Harsi and Lori you are very kind. The true beauty of everyone is inside, that IS timeless. I'm so grateful that I don't feel like I can't do anything I want to physically. I never take that for granted.

    The weather has been so iffy which is fun even if it involves humidity that we don't normally experience.

    Those thunderheads ARE the purest white they're amazing, stacked to the heavens.

    Thank you ALL for the Laura love and even a few purchases, she will be so happy.

    The jimson weed is and inspiration as it picks the most unlikely time of year to blow it's horns :)