Monday, August 8, 2011

Martin P Darrow and the big mistake

This is Martin P's head shot, when he moved here he thought he would enjoy an illustrious film career.

He did a little modeling, waited tables but he never made it big in "the industry"

He retired cut his hair and started a life of crime like getting on tables when no one was looking, hunting squirrels.

He became content just hanging around the studio, sometimes on the deck.

Sometimes his brother would visit and they'd nap on the work bench.

Sometimes alone

Martin P was getting bored so he decided to get up early and hike this summer. His normal behavior was to stay behind in bed with someone.

He enjoys the views, sticks close by.........

and frankly the whole new routine has him feeling more manly.

One thing he doesn't enjoy is being cleaned afterwards, getting checked for fox tails and burrs. The other day I took him to "ye old pet salon" and with the evil coaxing of my son who generously offered to help.....

I turned Martin Pookie Darrow into a chihuahua!!!!!!!
He's on the grow out, I'll never do it again, we tell him every day that he's cute. I sent Eric a picture while he was gone on vacation to get him used to it.

We all have to live though bad haircuts, even dogs.

Happy Monday xo Ro and Mart


  1. LOL...He is adorable even with the chihuahua do! Happy monday to you too Ro! xoxo

  2. oh, oh, oh....giggle, but only behind "my hand" because I don't want poor Mart to feel bad.
    Eons ago I had really long hair, down to my waist. I had not gone to a beauty salon for at least 10 years. My friend talked me into getting a layered cut, of course I said, well, don't make it shorter, just layer it...I came out of there with hair 4 inches long. I was so traumatized that I didn't go to another salon for another 10 years.

    Yes, we all live through bad haircuts!

    Give a scratch on Marts head from me! Tell him I said he is still gorgeous!
    xo, xo!

  3. I quite enjoyed your story of Martin, too funny!! You are a good storyteller. Of course, he is still cute & I hope he doesn't feel like he has to hide under the bed until it grows out:-( Your evil son, ha :-) xoxoxo

  4. hee hee haha! oh my goodness he is cute no matter! what an adorable post, this made me smile from ear to ear. at least he's a little cooler perhaps? we still have those santa ana indian summer winds to look forward to...

    i love this post!

  5. I am not sure what I like more, Mart's Taco Bell transformation or Jo's tomato punishment. Your puppy posts make my day, although I'll bet your animal friends wish you'd post more pictures of sunsets!

  6. HAHAHAHA Omg this is so funny!
    I have a yorkie cross who also hunts for squirrels, naps alot, lays in the sun, and hates us for bathing him. When we got him as a babe he was very dark haired, and the first time we took him for a cut at the doggy salon he had grown out so much that when they trimmed him, he was a blonde! We thought they gave us the wrong dog back for a split second, until he portrayed some of his usual good ball characteristics.

    I bet Martin and Tucker would make great buddies - lounging all day, chasing the old squirrel. What a life!

  7. Oh Dear.... Marty, don't worry it will grow out!

    Your dogs MUST have a sense of humor living in your household!

    Marty, you are a cute little guy, even with bad hair day(s).

  8. I think he looks quite handsome with his haircut....kinda DQ ( Dogs Quarterly). By the expression on his little face...i think he likes it! His history is quite fascinating...can't wait for his memoirs.

  9. I think he's getting more loving and accolades now our way of apologizing. Bryce keeps telling me he looks cuuuuute. Ugh I cant wait for his beard but he's easy as pie to wash. :)

    Oh man Deb, my mom took me down to the corner beauty shoppe one summer when I was about 8 or 9 and they cut off my pony tail because she wanted me to have a "page boy" (I didn't know what that was) it was "boy" that's for sure. I had to start school that fall with a boys haircut. I was humiliated but my mom kept telling me it was cuuute (NOT) I'll never forget being in line for school pictures and when I got to the front of the line the lady with the hairbrush looked at me kind of stunned, then looked at the lady combing the boys hair and pushed me over to her. She stuck the comb in some slimy green gel and swooped my hair in front like all the boys :( :( Many years later I found the full page of tiny pictures, my mother must have been ashamed and not put any pictures of me in the Christmas cards that year as was her habit.

    I'm sure we all have those hair stories.

    No Mart doesn't hide or feel self
    even though his picture is up on the web :) :)

    Yup those dogs are funny, most dogs are.

    DQ Ha haaaa!!! I'll tell him, maybe he can gain a new career.


  10. Ohhhhh mannnn, that is funny, Ro! *SUPER GRIN*

    My favorite line:
    "frankly the whole new routine has him feeling more manly"

    My favorite photo:
    Mart on top of the desk

    No matter how you style him, I still think he's adorable... and obviously very, very loved.

    Totally enjoyed hearing Deb and Ro's traumatic hair-cut stories. I've got one of my own, but it's just to embarrassing to share here... (Ask me for the scoop next time we're hanging out!)

    Actually, I've been planning a significant trim for myself and was thinking of going shorter than usual, but not sure whether to be put-off by Mart's cautionary tale (tail?). I was just thinking along the same lines as Lori Ann -- that at least it would be cooler when I was outside...

  11. I thought you might like the shot of Marty "tagging" Harsi TOO FUNNY!!

    YES YES, cut your hair chin length I think you would look darling!!!! I remember mentioning that before.

    nice and cool today, yayyyyy!

  12. Lol at Martins new 'do'! I just did the same to my yorkie, only I went for a much more extreme version, but it's coming up to Spring time so I know he will appreciate it....only now he's not as cute haha. I'm sure he feels for Martin!