Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Latest

*sold Summer Berries size 8.75

I'm working on rings, taking things slow, summer is a good season for more "me" time. I set a sparkling tourmaline that resembles ripening fruit. The stone color graduates from green to pink....

on a band that also graduates from 1/2 inch in the front. I patterned the band with berry leaves and such.

*sold Robins Egg size 9

I made a similar ring for a friend that visits and each time I see it I grab her hand and tell her how much I love it. Most of my jewelry I never see again so it's fun to have return visits with familiar faces, jewelry and human :) One of my favorite parts of having shows here is seeing my jewelry again, I love it.

The band is 3/4 in. tall in the front and graduated with a feather pattern.

simple and as elegant as nature herself.

I'm lunching with friends today and thinking this should be a regular Tuesday affair. The weather is cool and glorious today which is always a treat.

Happy Tuesday all xo Ro


  1. Love the rings, but after catching up on your blog, I think the dogs have stolen the show! Dig Martin's rugged new manly do (I'm always amazed at how much smaller our terrier seems after we shave him, like a puppy). I giggled out loud at seeing Banjo in his old lady attire, hope he has learned his lesson;) Take care, wishing you a wonderful week.

  2. Your rings are gorgeous and nothing like regular affairs...I miss mine! Happy Tuesday! xoxo

  3. More bits of beauty shined up and ready to send forth into the world...just fabulous, fabulous work, Ro--these two buyers are lucky ladies indeed!!

    Enjoy your day--and tell Martin P. he's got my vote for GQ Dog of the Year, no matter what the haircut. Any dog of his stature who ventures forth into rattlesnake territory is a SUPERdog!!!

  4. Thank you Susie, I know dogs with hair can be transformed to all sorts of personalities. I'll tell Banjo. Have a good week yourself.

    Thank you Mona I had a good time.

    Thank you so much Caroline and I will tell manly Mart he truly fears only one thing THUNDER!!

    Thank you too oh quiet ones that boded with these rings through this virtual media, they have been sent special delivery. I appreciate you more than words can express.

  5. Hullo, Ro -

    Your blog never ceases to amaze me. I smile from ear to ear every time I check in.

    Your sense of humor is wonderful, and I'm can tell that Banjo's and Martin P.'s rival yours!

    I love *every* facet of your blog... I think I speak for all of us when I say we appreciate YOU more than you know!!

    (Don't ever change, okay?) :-}


  6. Listen to Lisa, Ro... she's a smart lady!

    That tourmaline is just beautiful and your berry-leaf band seems so solid, yet oh so delicate. How did you manage to pull that off?!

    Lovely work, as always. xo

  7. Awwww Lisa (blushing) I can't change now :) I was listening to NPR and they were talking about Flip Wilson, I didn't remember he coined the phrase "What you see is what you get" good one!!! We wont change we'll only grow.

    I'm thinking about you Harsi, nice and cool these mornings and evenings. I'm enjoying the tiny, shiny tourmalines, lot's of tourmaline here in our back yard San Diego county, pretty cool!! Thank U :)


  8. Loving this morning! Loving to be alive!!
    Loving your work, and Loving your blog!!
    Have a wonderful day all!