Monday, August 1, 2011



I sat in my studio the other day with a delightful new customer. I told her I was really hooked on green as of late and she admitted the same thing. I told her I thought it was because the hills have reverted to the color of the deer. You know how it is, we always long for what we don't have.
I put together a couple of hunter gatherer pieces, little collections. I tried to make three but these take for ever to engineer making little parts and trying to get them to hang correctly, frankly the last one drove me crazy I ended up scraping it. Working with so many little do dads my studio looked like a war zone, a gutted bombed, wreck.

*the leaf imprint is native sumac

The oak leaf is brass with a charm I made using high fired clay. This collection also includes a peridot brio and a prehnite stone.

peridot and tourmalines run up the 24 in. chain.

This piece can easily be adjusted to your desired length.


This little collection includes a moss agate, peridot brio, tourmalines, prehnite and a ceramic charm with ceanothis leaf imprint.

Two types of chain, include tourmalines running up, graceful front clasp.

The chain is 20 inches and also can be lengthened or shortened.


I switched gears and made this gorgeous piece listening to the whispers of the stone that remembers the hills when they are green. I know for most of you summer means green verdant landscapes when things are growing and lush, that's precisely why I have such a big garden, for the lushness :)

The stone is imperial jasper all the elements have been hand fabricated, the clasp includes a little jade leaf. The chain is 19 inches.

I'm not saying I don't appreciate the brown,

I'll be wearing it in the winter.
These pendants will be moved to etsy tomorrow if they go unclaimed. In the mean time I hope you all have a good day today.

Love Ro


  1. It's amazing how different our geography is at this time of year.. everything in NY is super green right now. My veggies are just starting to ripen. And I love green too. but lately I've steering toward blue. hmm. I love your new jumble pieces. I had fun a few years ago doing something similar and I remember how hard it was to get everything to lay right! good luck Ro, i have faith you will find your groove.

  2. Hi, Buck--you're blending well these days....

    LOVE these collection pieces, Ro--and your tribute to all things green. And that "Remembering" piece--just jaw-dropping gorgeous!!! I looked and looked and LOOKED at those photos, enlarged and everything. Silver in your hands is like clay or a paintbrush in others'--you make it behave in ways that I can't even fathom, and it comes out looking like that's EXACTLY what that silver wanted to do all along. That metal sings for you!!


  3. I, too, love the Remembering piece, exquisite!
    You are lucky to see the deer as often as you do, they are fabulous creatures! X's

  4. Something happened????????

    Your comments went to another time zone.....YIKES!

    Thank you Amy, Deb and Cinder, I read them behind the curtain then they vanishedddddd.

    I know Sam I've been oogling your blog, oogling your green, covet! :)

    Your a deer.Dear Caroline, thank you! xoxox

    Well you have that beautiful bear of a dog and that sea Shannon Ann so we're both lucky ducks. xoxo

  5. p.s. I had the time so I went ahead and listed.

  6. oh my goodness, this is the one, i love leaves so much. sadly, i am on unemployment at the moment or it really would be mine. ro, you are a magician.

    brown hills do have their own special charm but i, like you, love green best.

  7. Sorry about the unemployment but it looks like you're making the best of it.


  8. Oh, Ro... but you do make some simply gorgeous creations! Your jewelery always so speaks so much of PLACE and also of who YOU are and what is dear to you. (And also what is DEER to you! hee hee!)

    As I think I mentioned when we were all talking favorite colors before... I love brown! I just have a hard time with the dead and dying brown that currently covers our hills. Brown can be a very lush, wet, rich color too though... just not for us at the moment. (I love green as well, and your browns and greens dangle so lovely next to each other in these collections.)

    "Remembering" stole my heart and took my breath away. Just beautiful -- you talented lady you!!!