Friday, August 5, 2011

Gallery News

Summer Garden

Happy Friday all, and to some t.g.i.f. I'm posting pictures of my new pieces that will make their way to etsy tonight or tomorrow as I have time.
Revisiting former designs I created a silver garden with a drop of serene blue chalcedony, representing water, the life source of a garden. There's a lot of irrigating to be done this time of year here in the southwest it's hard to keep a garden happy in the summer that's why I try and tough it out til fall. I'm really looking forward to camping in the fall. I added a green faceted peridot amongst the flowers and foliage.

Handmade flowers, handmade everything and a pretty clasp with a another chalcedony.

They always remind me of Mexican folk art.

Along the Stream

White water moves quickly in these ocean jasper stones, as seen from the opposite bank. I made some alder leaves for shade. You can always find the water sources here in the mountains, every stream is flanked with alders greedy for water.

I made three Spirit of the West heart earrings. Lot's of work was involved to create these hearts that look like they were salvaged from the past. Juxtaposed with turquoise heart shaped stones set topsy turvy. Yummy

Pretty little flower centers of glowing carnelian.


and Hearts of silver to go with anything including your heart of gold.

I hope we all have a good day as we finish the work week, though I usually enjoy working on the weekend the most.
xo Ro


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...such quiet and gracious beauty.

  2. wow.. I tried to pick just one or two piece to comment on but I couldn't choose! They are all fantastic. The blue of the Chalcedony is magnificent. Love love love! xo

  3. All these pieces are SO beautiful & special!!! The pendant reminds me of Mexican folk art too.

    I know the landscape suffers much more from the heat & drought than I do - I can escape into the a/c. Does it cool down enough there at night to give the plants & critters some relief? xoxoxo

  4. so beautiful, i love how you name them. perfect. have a wonderful weekend ro.

  5. These are all quite lovely! I'm smitten with the spirit of the west turquoise earrings! Oooo I'm so lucky to be your model :P

  6. oh my goodness sweet Ro! These are all so beautiful. Love, Love!!

  7. Thank you so much everybody, wising you all a good weekend!

    Priscilla the wind kicks up like clockwork in the summer every day at 2p and blows from the coast so we are usually lucky with cool evenings but the wind also dries everything out so we water like crazy, all the non natives. a/c in the studio :)

    I hope to try them all on you Laura :) :)

    Deb you inspired me (big smile) !!!!!

  8. I want to see them on Laura, that's for sure!

    Deb, thanks for your part in're GOOD!

    Ro, those asymmetrical, matched-but-not Along the Stream earrings are a breath of fresh air--I like that concept!!

    Happy weekend...may beauty surround you!

  9. GORGEOUS!! I love them all :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  10. Thank you thank you, Laura and I are trying to get together. You always make me laugh Caroline.

    ♡ Juli !

    ♥✿ Deb !

  11. Stunning, soulful creations as always, Ro! Your little hearts certainly do look as though they were salvaged from the past...just gorgeous :-)

    I'm sure you're looking forward to camping in the fall...we went camping last weekend, which would normally be crazy in the middle of Winter, but the weather has been unseasonably warm. It feels as though Spring is starting to unfurl her first tendrils here in Australia :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  12. I just can't choose a favorite...I thought it was "Summer Garden" until I scrolled down and saw the "Along the Stream" and then "Spirit of the West" and's no use to try and pick a favorite - they are all stunning.

  13. Sounds delightful Belinda! I can't wait, thank you.

    Awww thank you Sandi ❤

    I love you Deb and your use of widgets (wink)