Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Form and Function

I was asked to design an eyeglass keeper for one of my favorite cowgirl friends.....

I like a challenge and I like this piece..

Now she has a place to hang her glasses and a pair of reigns to keep them handy.

I'll make this an order-able item for a while. Here take a gander

giddy up xo Rodeo Ro


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  2. Okay, a few details for everyone who follows this trail...

    Ro already created one of these for me, and I requested a second one
    because they are PERFECT for holding reading glasses--I've struggled for
    the past couple of years with losing my glasses or getting them stuck in
    my hair when I put them on top of my head. The chain holders didn't do it
    for me--this leather model is QUIET and stays in place and layers well
    with other jewelry.

    Within a few days after receiving the first one, I knew I needed a second
    one for work. I have now carried my glasses around safely indoors and
    out, wind and rain, to formal meetings, high school football interviews
    and outdoor activities at our nearby national wildlife refuge (I'm the
    reporter for our weekly newspaper, so I cover it all).

    It's a whole LOT easier to live with the joys of middle-aged life with Gallery Darrow in your corner.

    Believe me.

  3. Holy cow, what a smart looking way to keep your readers at hand!

    I am now at that point in my life too. I have been "pretending" that I really didn't need readers unless I was working on my art. I have to face the fact that I can't read a label or a menu or a price tag in the store.

    Your eyeglass keeper is a great design. (ckdowns, you have a great sales pitch!)

    : )

  4. Thank you for the testimonial Caroline, my husband told me he needed one and my girlfriend was here yesterday, tried it on and ordered one for the sunglass eyeglass change out :)

    It's okay Cinder eyeglasses are just another way to accessorize but don't forget them when you go out, I found two pair on the top of my head yesterday, one was my magna safety glasses. At least they kept the hair out of my eyes :)


  5. it doesn't get any better than functional AND beautiful, i just love this ro!

  6. Howdy Nancy!

    Thank you Lori Ann functional doesn't have to be cheesy :)