Sunday, August 28, 2011

For the Love of Figs

Keep your paws off pardner.


  1. Oh, he's a bold one. Good luck with the barrier--those figs are beautiful!!!

  2. Hi Caroline, you are right....beautiful!

    Ro, you never cease to amaze me. Is there anything you don't grow there? (Or is this a figment of my imagination? lol )


  3. Beautiful and tasty Caroline, everting loves them. Birds eat and poop them, (plant them) I think these should be for me exclusively. One of those squirrels tried to jump inside the house not realizing there was a screen, bold indeed!!!!

    Hello Lisabird, We are the fruit and veg basket of the US just add water. FIGment punny :) :) :) :)

    XXXXXX too HOT 4 huggin' 2day

  4. I love Fig Newtons especially the whole-grain ones. I hope your screening keeps out the little buggers...they seem to be able to get into anything.

  5. Figs grow where you live? I thought they were Mediterranean

  6. No Cyn I'm not a partaker of jam, there is nothing better than a homegrown fig so I eat them fresh, if I get there first :)

    Figs are heaven Sandi, I agree those little buggers are just that.

    Yes they do Shark because our climate is considered Mediterranean.

  7. haha, good idea. we are in a mediterranean climate, it's so interesting to see how similar other parts of the world compare (in this same belt) to us.

    enjoy your delicious figs, i LOVE them.