Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For the Love of Birds

I was walking with a friend and bird lover the other morning, when the clouds cleared and the weather warmed a bit scads of swallows shot about overhead darting this way and that, making abrupt turns scouting for insects. I turned my camera up and she said, "you can never capture a swallow in flight". She was almost right...

Swallows always remind me of the old mission San Juan De Capistrano when the swallows return every year on St. Joseph's Day to build their mud nests along the eaves of the old chapel.

*both are sold thank you!!

I created swallow coins to be tossed in the old fountain under stained glass skies using apatate briolettes.

I feel a bit flitty this time of year too.

You may be forced to put your thoughts into neat little boxes that can be easily understood and processed, Pisces. Your ideas are abstract and don't always make reasonable sense. It's OK to have a bit of mystery about things that rational minds can't explain. Although you may feel like the goal is to arrange things in an orderly way, don't feel like you have to do it.

How do they know I asked my husband. "because Google reads your mail" he replied.

A happy day to you all xoxo Ro


  1. giggle.....E is so smart!
    happy little swallows...so beautiful!

  2. LOVE the way you've captured this flight--these flits--wings and tails--the glory!!

    Makes me want to soar, too. Maybe "flittiness" isn't such a bad thing....

  3. I consider it an asset myself, CK!
    I like my head in the clouds...its a prettier perspective!

  4. Well let's all flit together like swallows, we can flit for chocolate though!

  5. oh i do love these birds of yours ro. SO sweet.