Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ebb and Flow

Patchwork Garden

To be honest I was having a creative ebb, that would be the opposite of flow. I turned off etsy and walked away from the computer for a few days and did other things like...

hanging around friends,
even changing the yucky pickle pot felt rejuvenating.

I find the best way for me to reclaim my creativity is to just leave it alone. It always comes back like a stray kitten looking for a home.

I made a couple of beautiful things after fulfilling some orders, I think just making simple things is a good way to get the flow back. I started this piece about a month ago and kept putting it to the side gradually adding this and that.

Yesterday it all fell into place.

The stone is ocean jasper which has a light blue hue encircling the orbs, it's stunning, pearls are always good, always.

Lovely Laura

Gamble Oak size 9 1/4
This is another project I had begun and never finished it turned out beautiful.

all the way around.

Studded with leaves, leaves of three and a royston turquoise.

(we had the studio lights set up for another project, last night, so pretty that light, and handy)

I thought I'd show you my custom order. These were designed for three sisters, unity and diversity, the local lapis stones being the common thread that unifies the work but just like the sisters who will wear them, each are unique.

Maybe it's the time of year that had me feeling faded, most likely, is it fall yet?

Thanks for stopping in, I hope you guys are feeling rosy.
xoxoXO Ro


  1. O my...your ebbs and flow are so lovely..and unity in diversity, you have captured it xoxo

  2. The jewelry!

    The photos!

    The studio light!

    The returning stray kitten of creativity!

    The trio of lapis!

    And, yes, pearls are ALWAYS good....
    I like the way you rejuvenate.

    Just, WOW!!

  3. Hi Ro,

    Your pieces are so lovely.

    I'm glad you got your creative flow back.

    I agree, sometimes you need to step away from the workbench or drawing board and come back with fresh eyes and renewed creative energy.

    Have a good week!

  4. You would never know you were ebbing and not flowing by looking at the work (I especially love the ring bands with the leaves, I'm ready for fall, it seems strange having the kiddos in school with 100 degree heat). The sister necklaces are so special, so cohesive yet unique in their designs. Wishing you a wonderful week.

  5. The Lapis necklaces are truly beautiful. Such an intriguing idea. The sisters will be thrilled.

  6. Ro, Hey the blog has a new look since the last time i popped in. Very nice! The first pendant is just dang gorgeous...and the pendants for the 3 sisters...wonderful.

  7. All the pieces are so beautiful!! I bet it's hard to take a break at home when you work from home but it must be hard to keep the flow of creativity, etsy & your blog going continually. Glad you took some time away from it all!!! xoxoxo

  8. Well thank you so much Mona.

    Awww thank you Caroline :)

    Oh gosh Cinder I spent the day away today no guilt :)

    Thank you Beth I hope they like them.

    It was a disaster Sue, I tried changing a few things and ended up here. The computer was not my friend.

    You're absolutely right Priscilla, blurry lines sometimes and the pace can get tiring, thank you for understanding that. xoxo

  9. Ro....i think you can save the blog before you do any major editing...i've downloaded mine before...so you can go back to the original version....if you've made changes you don't want to keep.

  10. I should have called you Sue, I realized that after I had gotten way too involved, still I think this one is okay, perhaps a little too much blue and the header photo is off :(

  11. oh that first pendant, what a beauty. all your work is exquisite ro.