Saturday, August 13, 2011


Sometimes dreams are problem solvers only to awaken and find the solution was nonsensical, what do they mean those thoughts stitched together in random fashion?

While walking with a friend the other day she asked "Hey, what does this mean Freud" (referring to me)

M "I had a dream I was carrying a heavily swaddled baby like a big sack of potatoes."
Me "Oh like you had a new baby?"
M "Well I couldn't actually see it, it was kind of like in a pillow case. When I peeled the opening back to look, it was wrapped in bacon."
Me "Well everybody knows everything's better with bacon!

In my dreams
I paint like Vermeer van Delft

I speak fluent Greek
and not just with the living.

I drive a car
that does what I want it to.

I am gifted
and write many epics.

I hear voices
as clearly as any venerable saint.

My brilliance as a pianist
would stun you.

I fly the way we aught to,
i.e., on my own.

Falling from the roof,
I tumble gently to the grass.

I've got no problem
breathing under water.

I can't complain:
I've been able to locate Atlantis.

It's gratifying that I can always
wake up before dying

As soon as war breaks out,
I roll over on my other side.

I'm a child of my age,
but I don't have to be.

A few years ago
I saw two suns.

And the night before last a penguin
clear as day.

* In Praise of Dreams
Wislawa Szymborska

I saw no meteors last night, clouds got in my way but will look again tonight.
Happy weekend all, xo Ro


  1. Everything IS better with bacon! :-)

  2. I am one of those people who generally remembers her dreams quite vividly. I have had some absolutely hilarious ones about coworkers, and downright scary ones about losing the ones I love. I have had dreams about what my friends are going to name their baby, before it was born!( only to have it come true with non communication between us)
    Never had a dream about something wrapped in bacon though ( I bet I will tonight now! lol)

  3. I think your friend may be getting ready for a new pet...maybe one of those tiny pigs....who knows...interesting post...dreams are an interesting place to dwell. Love the writing you shared...really beautiful.

  4. well, you made me laugh pretty hard here! .........heeeee! yes, everything is better wrapped in bacon!

  5. Wishing you wonderful dreams--and funny dreams--and vivid dreams--and silver dreams....

    (Even bacon dreams.)


    Love the pressed pansies in today's photo...thanks for sharing their color and sweet souls....

  6. Agreed Amy 100%

    Psychic dreams Jaime, I've had those too and the strange ones, never bacon...........yet :)

    Hi Sue, maybe she was hungry, we were going to breakfast after our walk :)

    Kerin after my girlfriend revealed her dream we both roared!!!!!

    Wishing you dragonfly and epic writing dreams Caroline.

    bacon and fresh eggs

    Gosh, pansies in the dead of summer it's hard to imagine, they were a gift from a sweet friend :)

  7. too my dreams I breathe under water_ I don't eat pizza late at night because there will be warfare in my dreams_ and many many more