Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Breakfast in Claremont California 91711

After a long hike it's fun to go to breakfast, I thought you might like to join us.....

This is our favorite early morning spot it's called The Village Grille but we call it the Gorilla, it's a retro 50's diner that sponsors car rallies once a week, so once a week the village is filled with collectable cars and proud owners.

Looking down the street of our "tree city" my friends pizza place in the brick building on the corner.

Taxi and mural of the artist that painted the mural, painting the old train station and so on, and so on.........

Breakfast is served, two eggs poached medium, home fries, dry toast to share, one piece for.....

Banjo :) I love this place, they know us and bring Banjo water, we're all thirsty from hiking. Banjo loves to watch the people pass by and get a few extra pats from smiling kids.

It's like sitting outside in Havana without the rust or cigars.

view looking towards the post office under the sycamores

The old fire station complete with a hopeful banner (something rejoicing fall, channel it in!)

One of my friends sells imported soaps and lotions, girlie things. I used to groom her yorkie, her money smells like potpourri, when the doors are open you can smell it across the street.

Need new eyeglasses?

fancy pants

This grand old lady was rescued from another city, she rolled in in the dead of night. It was quite a project cutting wires etc. she's a tall drink of water, I'm glad she was saved.

This one rolled in the same way.....

and this orphanage for great big houses. These three belong to the colleges and are used for parties and functions.

I took the whole day off yesterday it felt GOOD now I'm rested and ready.
I hope you have a good day, thanks for joining me in our fair city.
xoxox Ro


  1. Thanks Ro for sharing pictures! I love that they keep trees natural and not all pruned down to the nubbins... Claremont has a great vibe!

  2. Okay, I have now officially put Claremont, CA 91711 on my "1000 Places to See Before I Die" list--actually, I only have about five places that are critical at this point--

    but this place looks FANTASTIC, in a rather low key way. Wow!!! Thanks for sharing breakfast--and the grand old house tour!!!!

    BTW, the tipping point for me here was the fact Banjo is welcomed at the cafe--I love that kind of hospitality!!!!

    Ohhhhhh, but I would have to coordinate my visit with the Darrow Gallery schedule, as listed in the local newspaper....

  3. Your village is just beautiful.
    I love all the sycamores (one of my favorite trees).

    Thanks for the tour!

  4. I like seeing where people live and forget that people might like to see where I live too.

    With all these Colleges Caroline things won't be sleepy much longer which is good for the merchants. Come when the sun dogs visit ND.

  5. I love favorite is the muffin place! xoxo

  6. Some Crust MLJ good coffee :) xxoo

  7. I recently rolled through your fabulous little town, had some coffee and an AMAZING maple and bacon scone at Some Crust...My parents live in Palm Springs and I was visiting for a Passover trip, we always stop in Claremont on the way to see family in LA. I look forward to stopping in town ever time we come through!!!!

  8. Oh no way Sierra, next time drop me a line we can have breakfast. SomeCrust is legendary!

  9. What a beautiful wonder you love looks so quaint and something out of a movie. Those homes are beautiful and that mural is fabulous.

  10. Thank you Sand, quite a few films have been shot here as well as commercials.

  11. Some Crust!!!!!! I LOVE that business name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oooh, maybe I have a reason to look forward to the sundogs now!!!!!

  12. Thanks for taking us to breakfast & I'm glad Banjo came along too!!! I haven't been to Claremont but it reminds me of other little Calif towns that I love to visit :) Very cool that those grand old houses were rescued. It's hard to figure why anyone wants to level them to make room for something new :( xoxoxo

  13. what fun, i do love seeing other towns and places. and i LOVE going out to breakfast after a run or hike! i'm not sure if i've ever been to claremont, but it look like a lovely place.

  14. I agree dragonfly lady on both accounts.

    Yes Pricilla like a lot of old gentrified Ca towns. Banjo loves the village she feels special getting all that attention.
    Old houses are a fortune to keep restored good thing the colleges are loaded :)

    Me too Lori, I enjoyed my tour of Carpinteria though I've never stopped there. I know I have a firm rule about going out to breakfast, you have to "earn" it.
    (it could be my guilty, Catholic upbringing surfacing here :)

  15. now this
    is exactly why
    i so love america
    oh to have a green card
    hope the sun continues
    to shine brightly


  16. Oh thank you, what a lovely breakfast and stroll love the homes and sidewalks something I so miss!!!!

  17. Thanks for the tour. I haven't visited Claremont in years.

  18. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures. I sometimes forget how varied and wonderful this country is. Living amidst cornfields, your pictures of Claremont look to be another world away.

  19. Great photos of the village! You captured the quaintness and charm that is Claremont :)

    I agree, a craft and popcorn night is in order!!!

  20. Awwww Linda very sweet.

    Your neighborhood in AK is pretty special too Heidi.

    You would barely recognize it Cyn, there's a whole new village where the old lemon packing house is.

    Varied indeed Sandi, cornfields are always good too.

    And Jr Mints Laura :) I want to paint!!!!