Monday, August 15, 2011

August Midway

*sold Turquoise

We're halfway though August and one of the most grueling months for me in terms of weather but we've been lucky thus far with morning fog and cool nights. I had a rather quiet weekend, I worked on leather bracelets with "buckles" and obsessed over an earring design that never panned out. My bench is full of elements that don't really go with one another but those bits always come in handy down the road. I work much like a collage artist, making bits of this and that then fitting them together.
I think we've established that most of us are turquoise snobs (that's a good thing) we like turquoise from the motherland here in the US. We think of turquoise also as a distinct color but the stone comes in a great range of shades, this one is a distinct green like jadeite ware. I bought this stone with a lot of stones from a prospector that collected them in Nevada.

I shaped the buckle to drape over the top of the wrist.


Azurite is a mineral found in lapis here it is in a pure form in an intense and beautiful blue.

I added a bit of forming for fun, playing, experimenting.

*sold Wild Horse (stone id rainbow plume, old stock) thank you!!

To be truthful, I'm guessing on this stone, frankly I don't remember how I acquired it. I only know it's beautiful and it looks just perfect in this design.

If you have a better guess I'm open to suggestions :)

Speaking of open, we got a strange call this weekend from a couple of new shoppers. I told them yes, you can come over and she replied " I see you're open til 5:00". I didn't know the paper was running this for us. I said "well, this is my home so we could be grocery shopping or something so we should set up an appointment. She was the one that informed me of this announcement. Ha haaaa I need to call and change the hours to "by appointment"

To keep things simple, I'll be listing these bracelets tomorrow for 135.00 and they will be finished with a snap closure to your desired length. They can be reserved today by dropping me a convo or an email or if you drop by the studio before 5 :)

Have a good Monday supa cool sisters, xo Ro


  1. These are super gorgeous! What a nice paper you have! : ) xoxo

  2. Well, look at you with your listing in the paper!! That's awesome, especially at no charge--I'll try to drop by before 5 pm.


    These cuffs are WONDERFUL--love the direction you're exploring these days--and I know from personal experience these wrist buckles are so comfortable to wear....

    Happy Halfway-Through-August to you--here, that means our frost-free days are getting limited...hope the tomatoes keep ripening....for you, though, I know it means relief!!!

  3. yes, waking to another day of grey sky and foghorn sounds makes me wonder where our summer went. i like it cooler too, but there are so many that come here to enjoy the beaches (including our own kids) that i wish we had just a bit more sun, a typical august!

    beautiful bracelets ro, really beautiful.

  4. Thanks Mona yes the paper peeps are always good to us.

    See ya after work Caroline :)
    These buckles are FUNNNNN and comfy.
    Yup Banjo still getting fat on tomatoes, no frost for a long time over here.

    Lori Ann grey can be tiresome, but not here, fall up there is a beautiful time of year, I think it's when your coast shines. I need to move to Seattle.

    Thank you for the bracelet love!

  5. Oh, these wrist buckles are just beautiful! I just love all the details you are adding! :)