Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's New in the Garden?

I've had several visitors to my garden the past couple of weeks and everyone asks the same question, "what's that?"

From it's beautiful cut leaves and vibrant red flowers that beckon all hummingbirds.

Its common name is Cardinal Climber (ipomoea sloteri) it's an easy to grow morning glory and a fun addition to the garden. I planted mine right outside my studio window to watch the birds. There's a goldfinch on the rusty support, see it. If it's not too late where you live, look for seeds or get some for next year, I think you'll love it too.

Happy gardening, xo Ro


  1. how cute the Goldfinch is!
    I was so happy to order two packets of seeds yesterday as soon as I got home!
    Think I'll plant some now, and save the rest for next year if its too late for this year.
    I'm going to take some up to Oregon next month too...maybe they will winter ok!
    just LOVE this climber!

  2. What a joy to have humming birds right outside your window! I don't think they live around here... and definitely not in Sweden! :o)

  3. Got some cardinal climber at the greenhouse this year--doing well in one location, a little slow in another--but the RED blossoms are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Make me smile every time!

    Look at your happy goldfinch--probably wishing for a songbird-sized silver pendant of her own...What a lovely garden!!!!

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  6. Oh good Deb, it's an annual so you need to collect and save the seeds.

    No Swedish humming birds I'm sure Tess but none where you live?

    Oh wow Caroline that's coincidental. I've loved them for years and they seem to grow just about everywhere.

    I tried to erase all traces Deb but I couldn't do it :(

  7. your garden is just so lovely.

  8. I wonder whether the cardinal climber likes the really horrible summer weather here. I do not :( I'll do some research. Your garden looks like a bird (& people) oasis!! Lovely goldfinch!! The owl in your post a couple of days ago looks to me as if he (she?) has deep secrets - kind of inscrutable though. Your prehnite earrings are so pretty!! xoxo

  9. Thank you for the intro to your lovely garden friend, Ro!

    Tess, you should be able to see Ruby-throated Hummingbird where you live at least at certain times of year... but, I think you probably have to work a lot harder to find one! Certainly much harder than we ever have to here -- I try to remind myself not to take that for granted. Here's a webpage that gives some info. on hummer sightings specific to your area:

    Hope that helps!

  10. I miss the hummingbird, I don't think they are here in Newfoundland. Your garden is so lovely!