Monday, July 11, 2011

T. G.

I usually get a lot of jewelry work accomplished on the weekend. With my schedule I can buckle down on the weekend when the innerwebs are quiet and I don't have any appointments. I can do the things I need to do during the week when most people are filed away but this weekend was different.

The boys had back to back gigs, Saturday night they played at the iconic Troubadour in Los Angeles. I think it was their best show yet and I haven't been to the Troubadour since Jackson Browne played there. It was a lot of fun but we got home at 2 a.m. ouch!

It hasn't changed much except the leatherette booths are no longer there, standing room only.

Naturally I couldn't sleep in, my body clock is hard wired. I got a little work done Sunday then drove out to another gig that started at 10:00. It was a fun weekend with way too much to do. I feel like I was hit by a truck and cancelled my early hiking date (too bad, the weather was p e r f e c t ) but I can't do everything even though I want to. Here is a preview of a shady little ring I concocted I hope to show you more tomorrow.

I hope you have a good Monday, more coffee please.......
xo Ro T. G. (tired girl)


  1. Sounds like you had a very busy, but fun, weekend. Lovin' the ring.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun & not enough sleep!! Hope you're feeling revived by now. Love your new banner & I sure like the looks of your new ring!! xoxo

  3. I have a fog hat on and lead in my boots today but considering this condition was self inflicted I would thumb my nose at this blog post and not leave a comment if I were you :)

    Still your niceness prevails thank you Sandi and Priscilla I made the Sydney Opera House in leaves but she needs siblings before I really show her off. xoxo

  4. I have to say this first, before I forget again... Your hawk banner is gorgeous. (For your next banner installation, I vote for a Mule Deer tableau.) :-)

    I am very intrigued by this new ring, Ro. The feeling of it reminded me so much of that ring you did with the wrapping layers of hills... I really hope you know which one I mean because I have searched high and low and can't find a pic of it. In any event, can't wait to see the front!

    Now, Ro, please, please tell me that you did NOT really get home at 2 PM!! ha Ha HA! I know you must have meant to write 2 AM -- which is plenty late in my book! -- but when I first read that sentence, I was imagining you somehow struggling home from Bryce's gig late the following afternoon. Now THAT's how to party like a rock star, eh?!! hee-hee!

    Seriously though, I'm so pleased to hear that Cogito has been doing so well and that you're braving those late nights out to be part of the experience. He's very lucky to have you as a mom. xo

  5. See Harsi FOGGY! I don't know the ring but I could have sold it locally.

    I took the picture of a juvenile red tail that has now ceased screaming. It had been hanging out with it's parents over our abode for several months, so pretty with the light shining through its wonderful plumage.

    xo rockin' momma ;)

  6. You ARE a rockin' momma--what a HOOT!!!!!!!!!!!! And what a way to be supportive of your son--oh my GOSH.

    And I know nothing about the southern CA club scene, but the words "iconic" and "Los Angeles" are enough to let me know I should be suitably impressed--GOOD FOR BRYCE and his guys!!!!

    So if they go on tour, are you closing up shop and tagging along as driver/cook/road crew/nurse?

    Or would you send Banjo instead?


    P.S. No sympathy for T.G. from this corner--sometimes you gotta go where and when the music is playing!!

  7. Congratulations to your musician... : ) beautiful ring too xoxo

  8. It was kind of like this one (which is lovely BTW), but without the sky/moon and the hills are overlapping layers of silver sort of like your current leaf design. I remember thinking it would be nice to own... aaah, but that doesn't narrow down the field much. :-)

  9. I wouldn't expect you yo know Caroline but I was shot back in time when I used the bathroom that looked virtually the same and it was pretty bad then. My gf remembered it too said the last time she was there she watched Van Morrison who was drunk. he heeee
    No I will NOT be touring or thinking of going to back to back shows again.

    Oh I know the ring Harsi, it was a beaut! I sold it to a dear friend in Padua Hills that looks at that same view from her amazing floor to ceiling windows. In fact I made it after visiting her. I LOVED it I'm sure it will come around again.

  10. your comments are so much fun to read ro. i would have done the same as you and paid the price too. but whats a mother to do?

    congratulations to your son, the troubador is big!

    i love the leaf ring already.

    xoxo lori

  11. Dear Tired Girl,

    You KNOW I've got the coffee ready for you! :)

    And two nights like that can be tiring, but it's a *good* kind of tired. We wouldn't have it any other way would we? And Bryce will always remember that you were there....waaay back when!! (Good for you - you're a good mama bird!) lol Congratulations to Bryce and Cogito :).

    Your new ring looks intriguing...I know I already love it. What a temptress you are, turning it that way! he heee!

    I think Harsi is talking about your "Mountain Range Wrap Ring." I'm happy to say I'm looking down at one on my hand (Harsi, you have great taste).

    P.S. Quick story... I had lunch with a girlfriend of mine today. She showed me 3 rings she purchased from ebay. The last one was a beautiful Nevada turquoise ring with some familiar silver blooms. I just about spewed iced green tea across the room at the restaurant!!!! She said it says RD in it. That clinched it (I knew anyway) jaw dropped and I said "That's Rochelle's!" My friend has always admired the jewelry I have from you. She just about fell off her chair and yelled with glee "I HAVE A ROCHELLE DARROW!!!!!!!!!!" It was just great. (And better yet -- the ring was NOT a low price on "kudos" to you!)

  12. Songbird spewing iced green tea??? That's quite an image, heeheeheeeeeeee!!!!

    Ro, your ring looks like a crown--I'm very intrigued....

  13. Hi Lori ann I liked seeing your guests :)

    TOO funny Songbird! What a coincidence, remarkable. I've read that other artists get angry when their work is resold, WHY it no longer belongs to you and besides how many times have master paintings filtered though different hands. I'm really glad your friend is enjoying it, good friends often think alike. Sometimes they read the same books, by chance (wink)

    *spewing beverage GOOD TIMES! ha haaaa!!

  14. No way, Lisa!! How funny that you own the very ring I was trying to remember. That name sounds very familiar, I think that must be the one I was thinking of!

    I enjoyed your story about your friend and her new R.D. ring -- and doesn't it always make owning something wonderful even MORE wonderful when there's a great story to go with it? xo