Monday, July 18, 2011

New Rings bac k waRD s bLog

#1 size 71/4

Leaves of two, oaks of course bracket this little chunk of turquoise oh so tenderly.



#2 size 7

An Oregon sunstone is the center of attention and just the right color for this earthy creation.

The band is highly textured of course.


*sold #4 size 8 will fit like a 7 1/2 (should be #3 but it's staying 4)

A lemon prehnite stone which is a close cousin to the prehnite most of you are used to only this one has a slight yellow hue.

She's studded with oak leaves as well.


*sold #3 size 9

Tall in the saddle #3 wears a faceted prehnite teardrop "she's a beaut" to quote my girlfriend.

lots of pretty textures......

all the way around......

I should have just listed these on etsy (second thoughts inner dialogue)

# 5 size 8

She has a clear carnelian stone and an unpretentious wreath of leaves.

A little wrap around band securely soldered.

What was I thinking listing these all on one blog (sharing inner dialogue) :(

#6 size 8.25

This blog is reading somewhat backwards but oh well.

This baby is a salute to the oak woodlands that are present in much of our Mediterranean landscape, I nestled in a royston turquoise, the shape of a little boulder.

I have overlaid the band with leaves that I created myself.....


and patterned the other side with an impression. This is the positive and negative aspect I referred to in a former blog post.

She's reading a field guide.

*sold #7 size 81/2
Let's play a game while I list remember Thing one and Thing two? I'm going to number my rings and you can name them.

This one is lucky 7 since it will end up last and so it will go, please excuse any long pauses as the house falls apart and somebody knocks on the door :)
This sweet ring features a beautiful flashy Oregon sunstone.

While some are making em big I'm going small cause that's the way I am. I patterned the band with oak leaves.

I'm thinking shade this time of year, leaves shouldn't have to be celebrated only in the fall. The band looks like richly tooled leather.

She's a darling and matches Laura's beautiful locks.

Please let me know if there are sizes I'm missing. I was finding it hard to size these wide rings but I finally figured it out.

earlier today.....
This may take a while :)

I'm editing photo's and retaking pictures, I have the coffee pot on and I'm trying to get everything measured. I must say I take exception to the one and only choice of "vacation mode" on etsy it felt good to hang up and drive but I was not sitting idle. My husband is away trout fishing and I'm so happy he's enjoying but he helps out a great deal around here so frankly I was overwhelmed. I'm going to start adding rings to my blog two at a time. The tall carnelian to the left is an order for a friend and the turquoise in the center is also spoken for. Thank you for your interest and your friendship it really is what keeps me afloat.

xo kookaroo Ro


  1. Dear Ro

    I sure understand about helping husbands. The last time mine left for a joyful meeting with a newborn neice, I stayed behind to work, but the cable went out and half the electricity too, because I used the hair dryer while the TV was on. (old house) No phone either. I stayed in the studio where it was sunny, but I have never been so happy to see anyone pull up in a driveway and walk smiling up the stairs!
    The rings are so beautiful.

  2. What a bevy of beauties--love the group shot!

    Enjoy the coffee...and I understand about STUFF to do when no husband is around...that's when we always seem to have water problems at our house....

    :-) Have fun with your ringie-dingies--I'll bet Churro is taking a much-deserved nap right about now.

  3. WEEEE HOOOO! Well, when the hubby is fishing, that's a great time to gather up the gals for another saddle roundup!
    I know all of us at our cyber ranches LOVE it when the saddle roundup is happening..cause, gosh, we get our eyefuls of those beauties!
    all I want to know next, is whats for dinner at the bbq?
    Ok, turn 'em out two, by two!

  4. Oh, ps.
    put another pot of Cowgirl Coffee on the fire!
    I gotta come over!!

  5. I kid you not, whatever can go wrong IS! I curse you Murphey and your law.

  6. Hi Ro -

    How about "The Sundance Kid" for #7?


  7. uh oh! two by two, thats Ok! We will curse Murphy together!
    And, graciously accept one by one!
    with love!

  8. I'm ding the best I can this will be the longest blog post ever!

  9. Those are such stunning rings! Loving all the textures! Beautiful work as always!

  10. Internal dialogue--heeheeheeheeeeeeee!!!!

    You COULD be starting a new blogging trend here....

    Pour yourself another cup of coffee.

    (By the way, these rings are terrific--I like the positive/negative space concept!)

  11. Now I'm wondering just why it is blogs have to load backwards. I don't like it.

  12. The textures & details on all these rings are fantastic!! Really like the positive/negative oak leaves!! But what about your "me" time, sounds like it turned into "taking care of unexpected stuff" time :-( xoxoxo

  13. Feel better Ro...have to come back and check these beauties...xoxo

  14. At the start of this posting I got a nose bleed and I couldn't make it stop. I'm feeling fine now that I had time for an ice pack. Can you imagine, well I can, still cursing Murphey. I call it "having a vortex", same thing.


  15. You and your vortex. Take it easy. After all, can Churro or Banjo make supper for you tonight?

    (Of course, these rings are glorious enough to make anyone slide into a vortex!!!)

  16. I should not complain Julie and I'm hoping the irrigation hold out til the Mr arrives home.

    MmmmDeb cowgirl jo, camp coffee.

    Caroline I know you constantly hold down the farm and the pups and the paper, and sometimes extra people, I'm ashamed to have even said that. I'm a weenie.

    Thank you so much pretty Norwegian lady.

    Lisa come right over here and help me name the girls you have talent!

    I'm ding for sure! Ha haaaa!!

    Thank you Caroline I'm loving that new concept too.

    Oh gosh thank you Pricilla, there's always a lot to do. No one is immune, keeping the balls in the air is always the objective.

    I should have made two blogs with all this in retrospect, live and learn. I have earrings too but I did have some kind of limit anyways. I did have some really quality studio time.

    Felling Much better Mona thank you. Give those kitties noogies from me.

    Ha Caroline! It was a Lucille Ball moment for sure. Remember the candy and the conveyer belt, you can't give up.

  17. You are NOT a weenie.

    Lucille Ball--haha!!!! And she was a genius!!!

  18. hi ro, love all your rings, they are gorgeous as always (the leaf is fantastic).

    if you post in draft you can put your photos in in any order you like. on your dashboard scroll to the bottom and click on 'blogger in draft'. i think you'll like this way better.

  19. I am I am Caroline :)

    I'm just thrilled with your tip Lori ann I cant wait to try it. Thank you :)

  20. I think I recognize that Peterson field guide in the lovely Laura's hands...I have one that belonged to my great-grandmother (from the 1950s, though, not so terribly old)--and I LOVE that book!

  21. Ro - these rings are stupendous! The really are such special individual works of art. Each leaf - whether raised or etched - looks just right, and just beautiful. What an eye you surprised me too with the sunstones :)!

    P.S. GOOD eye to you, too, Caroline, with the Peterson guide!!!!!

  22. Yes that's my old copy of the Petersons Guide I picked it up in a thrift store or a book sale a long time ago.

    Thank you Lisa Bird. I really like those sunstones.

  23. Hi Ro,

    Lovely rings.
    I don't know how you keep on outdoing yourself! But I guess that is what it's all about.

    I really like the layers of oak leaves with the "etching" underneath. Wow!

    xo : )

  24. Thank you Cinderella, just gotta keep growing like an oak.

    XOox0 100% :)