Monday, July 25, 2011


My tiny friend Blue Belle has been following me everywhere lately, she's a talker so I've resorted to ear buds out in my studio. I just nod and smile not wishing to be impolite, blah, blah blah. I asked her if she could keep a secret. I'm working on some new pieces that I'll show on Wednesday.


Naturally she couldn't...
xoxox ro & blue
*it's too hot for capitol letters


  1. Which "that," Amy--Blue Belle or the cuff?????

    Blue Belle makes me HOWL!!!!!!!!!!!! She's so dang cute--do she and Churro play gin rummy?

    As for the cuff--WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE this concept a LOT--holy cow!!!!!!!!!

    (Oops, I'm getting a little noisy with all those exclamation points. Shhhhh....)

  2. She's adorable ;o)

    And the cuff is wonderful. So there is no surprise that she couldn't keep it a secret!

  3. WOW-DE-DOW!!!!

    ....and I love your tiny friend ♥ !!

  4. LOL Ro! you cracked me up!
    wow, that cuff, drool, pick up the jaw from the ground...
    I don't blue ms. blue from not being able to keep THAT a secret!

  5. Love that cuff - no surprise that it sold quickly!!! Hello to your tiny blue friend :) xoxo

  6. Oh wow, that's awesome. What a gorgeous bracelet.

  7. Being a "talker" myself, it was hard for me to cast stones at Belle for spilling your secret.... especially since it was such a lovely one at that!

    Hey, I have a smattering of clouds here today! *GRIN*

  8. The bracelet! Looks like I'm too late ;-)

  9. Hi Amy :( I was thinking you were coveting my little Belle. Even with her mouth covered you can hear mnmnndrmmmm :)

    Rummy and quick games of spit Caroline.

    He heee Tess xo

    I love her too in spite of her inability to keep secrets, Ms. Bird.

    H ahaaa ha Deb, she's someting ( a tiny something )xo

    Thank you Lori ann nice to see you enjoying summer :)

    A nice accent indeed Harsi, looks like a pretty sunset too. I had a nice walk with Banjo and a nice "carry" with Mart, he got zapped by the heat.

  10. Priscilla!!!!!! Blue is waving back and screaming HELLO!!!!! (ear buds I say) :) xoxox

  11. Tell little blue to take her hand off her mouth and take a breath! She isn't really blue, she just needs some oxygen!

    Love the cuff.

    Belle is a sweet little monkey.

    : )

  12. Hi, Ro -

    I have to confess when you said it was too hot for capital letters, I assumed you meant the cuff. I mean it.

    {{That cuff is HOT !}} ;-}


  13. Oooh that is an awesome piece, no wonder it's already taken!!

  14. fun E Cinda he heeeee!!

    Ha hhaahHAAA Bird Lady (finger on tongue, finger on cuff pssssssssss :)

    TY, my Australian friend!