Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saddle Up

Saddle up there's a wagon due in tomorrow...........
xo Churro (the hard working burro)

* I almost forgot to tell you my Sunday joke.

A three legged dog with wild eyes walks into the bar and says, "I'm lookin' for the man that shot my paw"

par um pump! xoxo


  1. OH my! Look at the load that Churro has to haul!
    I can't wait to see those beauties up close tomorrow.
    You have been very busy. : )

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. wow! you are too clever, i love this way to preview, looks awesome.

  3. Boy, I hope someone is feeding this burro well....little 'ol Churro might need a massage, too, after hauling this load.

    :-) Looks like SOMEONE is having fun in her studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Makes me think of the song "Oh, Mickey, You're So Fine,"

    but with:

    Go, Churro, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, go Churro!

    ha haaa :)

    (Ro. These rings are counting the hours and minutes, baby!)

  5. Oh man... Lisa & Caroline, y'all crack me up! Now I'm having visions of a little Swedish masseurs going to work on poor Churro's sore muscles after hauling all those rings AND then doing all those cheerleader moves in his music video premier. *BIG OL' GRIN*

    For those that don't get the joke... perhaps you don't know the classic video/song that Lisa referenced:

    Ro, I am just as excited as the other ladies! Are those etched feathers and carefully crafted oak leaves I see there? Does anyone else click to see the biggest image they can and try to see every little detail they can on these preview images? xo

  6. Wait! I take that back... I think they're actually etched leaves, not feathers. Ah well, it matters not, the loveliness persists. :-)

  7. The rings are lovely, Ro. Enjoying following your blog very much.....Gloria

  8. Hi Cinder, Yes busy :)

    Thank you Laurie I'm very fond of my burro.

    Don't worry Caroline, fresh thyme every morning. Mart can give him a neck rub. :)

    You're hilarious Lisa!!! I don't want that one trapped in my head so no Harsi I'm not looking it up.

    fleaves :) I saw your maw and paw at Euro Cafe when I was lunching with a friend so I introduced myself, they had their sweet little spaniel too.

    HELLO Gloria! good to see you!

  9. THAT'S your Sunday joke????????

    (Actually, I did laugh.)

    Songbird, I'm singing along with you!

    Harsi, gotta love that enlargement feature for photos!!

  10. Very nice. Looks like Churro has quit a load of goodies.

  11. You've been busy! That is a lot for Churro to haul :o)

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