Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hunter Gatherer

I thought I'd show you what I carry when I hike in the morning because Laura sewed me a new gathering pouch. She made it to my specifications, now I don't have to carry nests and pods as well as a leash or two along with my camera. Everting I need includes; pepper spray which I've only had to use once with a charging, deranged Malamute. I mostly keep it for strange people I might encounter, I'm less afraid of the animals they have always been predictable. I have encountered every large predator and have never been harmed, they always trot off or amble away. I have a tiny air horn to ward off bears or to signal in case I fall off a cliff. Bears don't want me and so far and I've never fallen off a cliff just to set the record straight. I keep a small scrawling pad and pen in case I get a bright idea. It's hard to keep them in your brain sometimes when there's a lot of action, each turn is a new opportunity, sometimes your thought bubbles pop too fast. Laura sewed in two pockets, one large and a smaller one. I keep greeting cards in them to press feathers, flowers or leaves to keep their shape. I keep a zip lock for damp things or trash I may want to remove but by far my most valuable, can't live without item is my tiny fold up umbrella. It has saved me from scorching heat, rain, hail and has warded off many an unfriendly dog.

It really weighs nothing at all and now everything is organized and at my fingertips.

I made two pairs of prehnite Hunter Gatherer earrings, this one is called going light and a scaled down version of the pair below. You can find them here.

These beauties are the original Hunter Gatherers and are found here.

Have a super duper day, smile a lot, then a little more, you'll get some back too, really.
xoxox Ro


  1. THat Laura rocks- she thinks of everything! Nothing like prehnite in my opinion, lovely earrings and a super duper day to you! xoxoxx

  2. Laura's pouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! She's brilliant!!

    Thanks for sharing your inventory with us--gave me a couple of good ideas--AND if the lovely Laura ever wants to make a little extra mad money, I would certainly be a customer of her gathering pouch--with a tip to the designer, of course.

    :-) Naturally, she was inspired by you!!!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. very cool!...sort of makes you A Mac Gyver of the mountains!

  4. Wow, Malamutes. I had three and I still suffer from the after effects of being dragged across wide expanses and breaking up fights between them.
    What a cool bag. Perfect.
    And perfect ear ornaments!

  5. I confess I had to google Malamutes ha ha

    Laura made an excellent gathering pouch for you :o)

    And those earrings are just sweet! *swoon*

  6. I agree MLJ I love that girl.

    I'll see if she has more fabric Caroline, she's a peach. Laura has an etsy shop I need to supply the link, she sells her pretty prints.

    Ha haa Karin dog and camera included.

    Cyn, I used to walk a neighbors Malamute when I lived in the San Gabriels, poor thing never got any exercise. When I'd come home from work he'd put his head over the fence and "talk", make those sounds only a wolf or malamute are capable of. I trained him to heel on an add a link collar and I would walk him with my small dog. One day out of the blue he "jumped" my dog and when I pulled him off he went for me. needless to say, not my favorite breed (sorry if you own one). He had many good qualities for instance he was a musher so I put him on a harness and hooked it to my sons bike and he would pull my then 6 yr old up the steep mountain hills allowing me to run in the morning. In the winter he dragged the kids sled up the hills and they would slide down but I never trusted him after that incident. I have a lot of stories about "Chilly" a dog I never owned he was bit by a rattlesnake three times and lived to tell the tale, tail :)

    Malamutes are very pretty Tess, they look wild and they half are :) oh they shed like a mother too.
    gracias mi amiga :)

  7. I own them no more. All three passed away within a year after good long lives. They are a very challenging dog. I never had a problem with mine being aggressive toward people but..... other animals? Watch out! And they fight with each other too. Very unpredictable, they being a "natural breed" and all.
    I'll send you a photo of two of them sitting on either side of my niece and nephew, taken years ago.
    Now I have sweet Labs and funny, clownish French Bulldogs. Much easier and less stressful!

  8. I love your field gatherer bag! The contents are perfect! cool picture too!
    and that RED TAIL HAWK feather! WOW!! WOW!!
    xxx's and o's

  9. I think I probably drooled over this pouch the way many women do over slick advertisements of designer hand bags. HA! But, seriously, what gal on the trail wouldn't want one of these? Oh, and Ro, I really appreciate getting to see all the stuff you carry... though I did get a peek at a few items on our walk, including the indispensable umbrella!

    Though I am half-hopeful/half-fearful that I will come upon a mountain lion while on the trail, I DEFINITELY fear the notion of an unleashed, aggressive dog more! Fortunately, I've only ever seen dogs roaming loose on the property a couple of times many years ago.

    Hunter Gatherer earrings (of both varieties) are a joy! What lovely green to focus on in the midst of all this heat and brown.

  10. Wow you certainly needed that pouch with all those goodies you carry! Lovely earrings :)