Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Going Coastal

When the weather here is warm (hot) my thoughts turn to cool, cold, freezing I read books about blizzards and wonder how it would feel to be stranded on the ice. If I see someone on a film wearing a sweater I become instantly jealous. I try to make things to cool myself off. I love the mountains but it was so warm here last week I began dreaming of the Oregon Coast. I wanted to be bashed with those cold winds and beach comb for driftwood but instead I pulled out this amazing high domed pearl I've been coveting and set it to good use.

I made squiggly, twining, slippery elements reminiscent of things you might find strewn on the beach, torn from the sea bottom.

sea grass, kelp, bubbles, oddities

The pearl is pretty and as unusual as something you might find on the shore, it has a nice luster too.

one of it's kind of course

on a 22 inch chain

My dreams came true, the clouds have rolled in and each morning we start the day with beach fog and as the day progresses the temperatures are manageable. I've even been allowed to work with my studio flung open to the garden.

I've been exploring positive and negative spaces, come back tomorrow and I'll show you more of what I've been up to.

Have great day all you cool chicas, love Ro


  1. Oh goodness, Ro, this is just right. One week ago today I was on that beach, taking my class and walking the coastline during breaks.

    A little piece of my heart is still there.

    You've captured the whole essence here with pure radiance!!!!

    I love all the bits and pieces attached...I pulled some of those off myself last summer. :-)

    (I bet this makes some lovely sounds, too....)

  2. Fabulous...
    Right now I am writing from a desk in my Mother's home...It is positioned next to a window over looking the grey Atlantic...There is fog on the horizon.
    This would be a perfect setting for your gorgeous creation...

  3. Thank you Caroline I wish I was there.....

    Sounds wonderful Andrea in Newfoundland, wonderful!

  4. Looks like you pulled it out of water...beautiful...hi andrea up there : )


  5. Oops, I wasn't on that beach last week, it was this week LAST year. Good grief. (I need a vacation.)

    Of course, the necklace is STILL gorgeous!!!!!!!

  6. it's beautiful ro, i do love pearls (and of course the ocean). glad you had some relief.