Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Belt Buckles

*sold Summer
I've spent a lot of time in Wyoming lately. I went here and here and then I went here. I've had the desire for the longest time to make belt buckles so I did, for your arm.

Summer usually involves picking berries, purple fingers and tongues under a blue sky all the while keeping an eye out for bear. I used to tell my son when he was little "that's why they call them berries" I'm going to custom size these cuffs with a snap closure to fit just you.

*sold Cowgirl Up

One of my favorite lines in "Colton" was "Cowgirl up Cupcake" which means stay strong, keep a stiff upper lip, no whining. I guess this is my version of the yellow rubber bracelet :)

*sold Berries and Blooms

This is another more affordable version of "Summer" without the turquoise.

I'm making some collage pedants, hunting this and gathering that then putting them together like bouquets or still lifes. I made a few ceramic charms with leaf imprints to add to the mix. Work is going well but Laura is busy so I'll show them after I get a chance to take pictures with her.

I need a vacation but I'm trying to hold out, how about you?
* I think everybody should get a sabbatical don't you?

Thanks for traveling to these parts today, xoxox Rodeo Ro


  1. I love the buckles for the wrist! What a great idea....Your work is always fabulous!

  2. The belt buckles for our wrists are beautiful, and I too am needing time away but alas...ooh those buckles are beauties! xoxo

  3. A trio of beauties, that's for sure--anyone in Wyoming would be proud to wear one!!! These are just incredible, Ro....hard to choose a favorite!!!

    Happy to see more of your collage pendants coming...missed out on these before, I know they were popular...and your ceramic pieces set these off perfectly.

    Wow, your studio is a happy place!!!

    P.S. I highly recommend both books to readers of this blog--and now I want to see that movie--maybe THAT should be my sabbatical, a movie-marathon weekend....actually, it would just be better to GO to Wyoming.

  4. Pheuf!!!! Thank you so much ladies WOW!!!!

    Both books were wonderful the writing was perfection. The film "Buck" is a must see. As a lifelong dog trainer I share his views 100% it was not only interesting but beautiful.

    If anyone wants to order either the "Summer" or "Berries and Blooms" buckle I can make one just for you just send me an email or etsy convo.


  5. WHEW!!! the dust just settled around the corral out back...that was SOME roundup!!!
    I'm happy to see that all the cowgirls got their stock in line!
    xo, xo, xo!!

  6. BTW, these look MUCH more appealing than a yellow rubber bracelet.

    Just sayin'.....

  7. I love the "belt buckles" Ro...your work is so creative.

  8. glad you are realizing your belt buckle inspirations.....i think they're all the intricate scrolling on the second one. I think you've found a neat niche! Sweet pendant too!

  9. So crazy Ro... buckles must be on the brain! I used to love making belt buckles but they take so much work that I put them away for a while. But now that my finger is "better" enough, I have been starting some new belt buckles for the waist. Love it when all of our work together comes together in a collective consciousness. Fantastic!! xo

  10. These are Beautiful!!

    I love the Cowgirl Up.. But the Summer, with berries,and leaves & Turquoise.. Gorgeous!
    You make such Beautiful Jewelry Rochelle :)

    Have a wonderful Day! :)

  11. Ro, your "belt buckle" cuffs are so so great!! I especially like cowgirl up with all the decorative texture around the turquoise. And the wonderful collage necklace!! I plan to see the movie, I heard a long interview with him & others involved in the documentary & knew then I didn't want to miss it. The books sound good, too. xoxo

  12. Gorgeous Buckles!! No surprise they're all sold too! :)

  13. I love that line.."Cowgirl up Cupcake"! I think I may throw that one at my girls from time to time.

    Your Wyoming inspired buckle bracelets are wonderful.

    I am the girl who would wear a collage necklace EVERYDAY. Love your ceramic charms. It must be fun to create those.


  14. Wow, cowgirl all the way! Great work Ro! It sounds as if you are having a perfect summer.

  15. Thank you so much Linda, Amy, Mona and Caroline.

    You are so kind Sandi & Sue

    Cowgirl Deb xoxo

    TOO funny Caroline!!!!

    Glad you're getting better Sam and making buckles too :)

    You're a sweetie, Juli

    I hope you see the film Priscilla it's a good way to get out of the heat for a little escape too. I'm in Utah now in my new read :) xo

    Thank you Ms. Hill

    It's a good one for daughters Cinder. Us girls especially the younger ones can be a tad dramatic. :)
    It is fun to create them, the possibilities are endless. I wish my little monkey friend would stop talking and help a little :)

    Thank you ShannonAnn I love your sea of iris and the sea itself.