Thursday, June 9, 2011

What's New Pussycat

My son has been collecting vinyl, a word I can never remember how to spell. It's fun to peruse the album art again, it refreshes the memory, I also realize I look at things with new eyes sometimes now, a different view.

I remember getting these Beatles albums, playing them a million times, checking out every nook and cranny on the cover. goo goo ga ju!

Who are all these that Davey Jones of the Monkeys up front?

*wait the Beatles are sooo cool how could they possibly know the Monkeys, is that Peter Tork (don't you love the stage names) :)

Who was your favorite, mine was George♥
My me me mine :)

Music sounds wonderful on vinyl, all the hisses and pops really add something special.

The now skeptical me wonders just who's idea it was to have Stevie sit in the dirt, I'm sure it wasn't his.

Though a beautiful shot, watching the sunset? hmmmmm

Then there are the funny things you can pick up for 99 cents.

why why why Delilah indeed

With zany pictures on the back

Here is my favorite, Tom skateboarding in skin tight jeans and boots (remember no stretch jeans in those days).

I hope you have "What's New Pussycat" stuck in your brain all day like I did yesterday. Remember everything old is new again.

I'm getting so many things crossed off my list. Dogs saw the vet, renewed their licenses, groomed, I even splurged on a window cleaning guy. I love clean screens and windows but it takes an entire day for Eric and I to do it. Even with studio work being so fractured I stayed in there at the end of the day yesterday and competed some mighty fine earrings. I'm going to try and finish a few new rings by Monday, I've had several requests. I will be happily working through the weekend and have new things on Monday to show you.

xo.........You and your pussycat eyes.......... Ro Oh Ohhhhh Oh Oh!!


  1. Ro OH OHHHHHH oh oh! indeed! yes...I now have pussycat on my brain.. hee heeee
    Thank you so much for the "trip" through memory lane..kinda took off where my brain forgot it.
    I'm so sad at myself, years ago..all my albums went away at a garage sale. How cool that some still get to have the real deal..good for Bryce!
    Wonderful, wonderful
    my fav of the fab 4 was Paul.
    I remember sitting in the movies with my mom, and all the girls were the movie! (Hard days Night!) I was embarrassed because my mom was with me..hee hee. so I didn't scream.
    she loves you ya, ya, ya!
    (I do too!)

  2. What a made me laugh with these reminders...the Monkeys, Tom Jones and his high waisted tight jeans, the Beatles? Hee hee... you are in a good place attending to so many things....I need to get my ball rolling. xoxo

  3. Nope, sorry woman, you will have to share George with ME! :)

  4. Imagine all the people, living for today...

    Pussy cat, pussy cat, I love you...yes I dooooo

  5. Ha haa Deb, I wonder if your mom secretly felt like screaming.
    I love you yeah, yeah , yeah xoxo

    Glad to refresh your brain Mona, the good, the bad and the high waisted jeans! xo

    Kerin, I was pretty sure you were a George girl too. ha haaa!!

    We're all singing now ShannonAnn, I love it.....yessss I dooooo!!

  6. haha! fun memories! my kids collect vinyl too, and oh those lps. i had the beatles and stevie, such great times!

  7. I absolutely refuse to click on the link, Ro. It's bad enough that we're all talking about that catchy song... if I actually listen to it I'm afraid I'll be stuck with it for days. :-)

    It's kind of sad to have lost a musical format that provided so much ample room for visual artists and photographers to express themselves. I buy all my music digitally these days (for the sake of the environment and reducing the amount of plastic, etc. that I purchase), but I do really miss the lyric sheets, artwork and liner notes that came with every record my family owned when I was a kid. Thanks for the good memories. Glad that Bryce can appreciate such quality things from the past... he's got good taste!

  8. WHOOPS! Totally forgot to say how awesome I think your new graphic is -- you truly captured the beauty of the yuccas flowering now. xo

  9. I started with Paul & dropped him for George. Thanks for the trippy post!! Tom was always good for a laugh:-)) I like your new banner so much, beautiful!! I assume you took the photos of the emerging cicada on yesterday's post, really amazing. xoxo

  10. Oh, Ro, what fun memories!! I have a feeling I had all the same albums you did. And yes, nothing sounds quite like vinyl. :) My son, Sean, has taken to collecting it also.

    I can remember babysitting for a couple of moms who went to see Tom in concert. They were SO excited. They actually brought underwear to throw to him up on stage. I can remember that's what goes on.

    My favorite from the start was George. No question. He just seemed a little mysterious and a little shy (an intriguing combination to me in those days). All of my friends loved Paul and would try to talk me into changing my fave. I ruled out Ringo right away because I was already taller than he was. Too funny :).

    Thanks for this blast from the past!!
    P.S. You're shakin' it up with another beautiful the vertical visual!

  11. The kids are lucky they make turntables again Laurie and Lisa. I had an old turntable and when the needle could no longer be replaced I sold all my albums too. Now I get to hear them again :)

    Bryce downloads the new stuff too Harsi but recycles the old. I have a better song in my head this morning. THANK GOODNESS.

    He heee Priscilla, I like your fickle Beatle following we got to use "trippy" and "zaney" ha haAAA ha
    Yes I did take the pictures but we don't have cicada here it is an emerging dragonfly, first soft and pink, it takes a day to harden up and become cellophaneie enough to fly.

    omygosh Lisa TOO FUNNY, I looked at old videos of Tom mopping his brow with panties then throwing them back to the audience HA Haaa!!
    It still remains a mystery??
    You're so charitable to remember Ringo :) I liked George's shyness too. Hmmmm no takers for Jonn, I think he was a mans man.


  12. Oh, I am definitely not a naturalist am I :-0 We have lots of cicadas here & what I mostly see are their empty shells (& hear what sounds like millions of them singing). So, it's interesting to learn about other creatures that also emerge & leave empty shells. And cicadas do not look like dragonflies :-0 Bet you & Harsi are laughing at my mistake :-)) xoxoxo

  13. Priscilla I think cicada's are beautiful sometime if I beg will you send me a dead one and perhaps an exoskeleton???? There is NOSUCHTHING as a silly question EVER!!

  14. Oh Ro, No need to beg :) Absolutely, I will send one or the other or both when I find them, whenever that may me! I think they are beautiful, too! xoxo

  15. Priscilla, I would NEVER laugh at your mistake -- every one of us always has more to learn about something. For me, it's not about how far along you are in your education... it's all about the enthusiasm you have for the subject matter. I can tell that you love nature and that's what impresses me most! :-)

    Oh, and Ro, you may not get cicadas down at your house, but we get PLENTY of them here in the canyon in summer. Just went and looked and I actually DO have a dead one. If you want it -- it's yours! I found an exoskeleton outside a few days ago... hmmm, I'll check to see if it's still out there and collect it for you. xo