Monday, June 20, 2011

Watery Things and a Part of a Wing

Kelp Bed
Sometimes when you make a promise like "I'll show you pictures later" you jinx yourself and for the life of me I couldn't take decent pictures so I decided to just settle rather than get cranky because that's right where I was headed.

This is a beautiful plume agate I bought from Ed over at Stones in Motion on etsy. She's a gorgeous rock now in an elegant setting.

She is fastened to three separate types of chain for fun and interest. Tourmalines add a bit of sparkle at the end of the extender which allows the chain to adjust from 16 to 18 inches. Kelp sways in the gentle rhythm of the ocean in this little vignette.

Beyond the Tide size 8

This is another plume agate I bought from Ed. The material surrounding the clear and beautiful dendrites reminds me of a Van Gogh, click to enlarge. I surrounded her with a shore with bubbles and sea grass. If you have ever skin dived or snorkeled in a kelp bed this is how it looks when you look up on a sunny day.

I added the tideline to the band.

*sold Fog

See what I mean about the pictures and the gray background, I'll try later when the light changes. Iolite briolettes represent a dew drop, the discs are the size of a quarter.

I love the fog this time of year I wear it like a cloak.

*sold From the Wings of a Dove

I made a special two strand necklace that took an entire day to construct but once I had the design in my brain I couldn't wait to see it.

pretty handmade elements stitch it all together, though the world isn't always a beautiful peaceful place glory is here, in nature, within good people.

I think about peace a lot and appreciate my quiet workplace my wonderful family and friends, lately I've been thinking a lot about love too and how fulfilled I feel. That's why I decided to settle rather than obsess over the pictures. I knew I was getting grumpy when I turned off NPR with another expert starting every sentence with "So", normally I can take it but I was exiting a peaceful place because of my frustration. I feel better now, offering it up, remembering to soar.

Have a great rest of the day all xo Ro


  1. ahh, soar and peace comes to our souls, I'm so glad you stopped before you got grumpy cause I like it when your peaceful, and I want to fix it if your not.
    love the new pieces, I really seriously adore the newest feather and turquoise! much for words.
    love soar sister!

  2. Frustration can definitely derail a peaceful frame of mind & quickly. But I didn't have any difficulty seeing the beauty of your pieces in the photos posted!! Wow, especially the gorgeous feather necklace-all the elements are perfect together!! xoxo

  3. OH WOW!

    That's the first thing that came to me as I scrolled down your post.

    Beautiful and brilliant.

    I love them all.

    I too think about peace and family and love. Hmmm.

    I am blessed with all the above.
    I'm glad you are too.

    oxox : )

  4. Wonderful post, Ro... I always appreciate your creations, but I am truly in awe of the feather necklace. I was looking forward to seeing it on your lovely model so I could get an idea of how it hangs. I suppose since it's already been snatched up by some lucky shopper that I won't get a chance to see that, but I bet it would've looked a-mazing!

  5. Thank you Deb most appreciated. xo♡

    We've all experienced it Priscilla. Thank you :)!♥

    It's good to remind ourselves of our blessings Cinder, it's important. xoxox❀

    My model and my model son are camping Harsi otherwise I would have pictures here, thank you I love that feather too✫

  6. Oh my, I am just loving all of the textures and colors in your pieces of late (especially fond of those fog earrings;) Take care, wishing you a wonderful week.

  7. The necklace is simply stunning. I'm off to my home near the ocean, and your descriptions and name of the necklace just touches my heart; it is so resonating with this period in my life. :]