Thursday, June 23, 2011

Want To Go For a Walk?

I've felt rather quiet lately, introspective and since I work at home I'm not really "forced" out of this feeling or asked to perform like the days when I ran a business and I'm grateful for that. I can go with the flow and follow the natural path I seem to be on, so I plugged this in my ears and began my journey with custom requests. Custom orders are always a bit disjointed, making one of this and that is harder than working in a series but it feels good to cross them of my list and make people happy, soon I'll be traveling on that open road of design with the top down, wind in my hair, till then there are still two dogs in my house that appreciate a long walk in the morning.

Would you like to join us?

There were loads of twitchy hummingbirds, tiny as they are they are also quite feisty and territorial, they dive bomb and harass the offending intruder or intruders quite fiercely almost parting my hair as they whizz by my ears, humming like a top.

catching the warm sun

spying me then taking off

I never can remember this ones name, and too lazy to look it up :) Harsi ? chicory?

Mariposa in the sun, I like the curly elements.

Bindweed scrambling up the white sage, bee becomes involved, charming.

The coyote's favorite tactic shown here. Coyote sees the dogs and ambles off looking over his shoulder....."wanna chase"? When they dont.........

....he sits like a lure which causes Teo to gallop in place on the leash, Banjo is still, Teo has been torn up twice, he is not my dog, he's been lucky thus far but why take such risks?

Hey I like the way you dress, socks and beak, color coordinated.

Baby alligator lizard strangely sitting on the shady trail, normally it should scurry dragging that long tail behind.

I notice the bulge and realize why he's not feeling so "skippy"

One of the Red Shouldered adults is across the dry meadow as the fledgeling pleads in a tall stand of pines across the way.

one buck

There are but a very few standing puddles of water now, these little watering holes are as populated as Waikiki Beach with wading birds.

Feelings of introspection are good, I think it's important to inspect ourselves from time to time don't you? I always wonder if certain feelings are ruled by the moon or half a moon.

Have a good day, lovely people, xo Ro, Jo and Teo

*BTW if you're having a problem posting your comments on blogger visit my friend Juli's blog and she'll tell you how to fix it, you can also wish her pretty cat happy birthday today.


  1. A most lovely walk, thank you. Jo's and Teo's enthusiasm is just a bit infectious, you know???

    And that color-coordinated dresser--nothing like matching shoes and lipstick color! Very 1950s and '60s (my mom and grandma). Heeheeeheeeee!!

    Your mariposa stops my heart--I grew up with the white species on the Wyoming plains, also beautiful--but those California colors!!!!!!!!

    (Waves to hummers!!)

    Have a grand day yourself, dear woman and dogs.

  2. What beautiful dogs.
    wonderful walk and I feel refereshed as if I were there too.
    I think chicory is blue, so it must be the other flower. I've never seen a mariposa in bloom, what a beauty.

  3. I am always up for a walk especially given the scenery and the company...coincidentally, I too am reading the story of a Lakota woman and her life of contributions to the Lakota!! Happy Thursday Ro! xoxo

  4. Caroline!!! finally, thanks to Juli you have your typing fingers back here.

    I have seen the while ones in the high elevations in the Sierras Caroline and also yellow ones though I can't remember where. Because of all the rain we had last winter there are scads of them, gorgeous!

    Hi Julie, My son is camping in your neck of the beach right now and called us from Moonstone yesterday, I must say I was jealous. Thank you for hiking with us!

    I must get the title from you Mona, I just love those stories, fables, and teachings of morals and virtues, not unlike the bible really. Happy Thursday back. xoxox

  5. Oh my Ro, I just read the first few pages of The Lakota Way..I love the gentle way life (all life) is revered. And the I want to read more!
    good stuff. good stuff indeed.
    on another note..I am amazed that you catch a hummingbird still! wow, you are GOOD!
    and, speaking of lizards, (well we were at one time speaking of lizards) I forgot to tell you, Tuesday I glance down in my kitchen..and Rex (#2 or #30, I don't remember) scurried past my feet, with my dog, not far behind.! That made me jump..hahahah. In the garden, they scurry by, and I don't blink..but when they get in my kitchen watch out!...So later that evening...(it took awhile for Rex # 2 or #30 to come out of hiding, this time from under the hutch. So Den is SO fast, he caught him (and the tail he dropped) and pitched him out to the garden.
    whew, so there ya have it!
    have a super rest of the day!!
    are you laughing yet?

  6. You have the best walks Ro, I can understand why you don't like to leave home. Thanks for taking us along!

  7. i see my best friend julie here :-)

    and Moonstone Beach..used to live a stone's throw away...

    and i was thinking the same thing...great kids....great parents :-)

    i loved the walk with your beautiful all that nature...beautiful

    kary and teddy

  8. Great finds! And nice pix to share it all with us.

  9. Hullo Ro... Wow, I am absolutely hating this heat, but it looks like the wildlife is really putting on an amazing show in the AM before it gets hot! It looks like you saw a little bit of everything out there. Hubby came home from Australia with the flu and I've been taking care of him... so, no walks for me in the past few days. :-( All the more wonderful to stop by here and get invited to come along on yours.

    Assuming it's the flower I'm thinking of... I believe your pretty little white and pink number is Malacothrix saxatilis -- more commonly known as Cliff Aster or Cliff Desertdandelion. Check out the pics at the link and let me know if that looks right to you?

    Hard to pick a favorite from the scrumptious assortment of critters you've showcased on this walk, but I think I'm going to have to go with the (always stylish) Band-tailed Pigeon! Oh, but I do love your contemplative and lovely photo of the moon framed by leaves. I too wonder about the impact of the moon on our moods and mindsets...

  10. Hi Ro, Very enjoyable hike today with you & your companions & a surplus of flora & critters!! With the added treat of your photo captions like the bulging lizard not feeling skippy & the pigeon's attire :)
    I love your imagery of traveling the open road to design with the top down...
    I'm an introvert, so introspection is sort of my way of life, I'm trying to be more "balanced" :-) xoxo

  11. i do envy you ro, i am looking forward to the day when i can stop full time work (and have time to do more with my passions).

    what a lovely walk you had, i always love what you 'see'.

    and thank you for the id on my blog, i knew you'd know!


  12. Too funny Deb, it's a whole different story having them inside. It sounds like it had you all scurrying. The other day the dogs and I were outside when a bunny shot out of it's hiding spot. The dogs immediately took chase. A moment later they were all headed in my direction and the rabbit jumped on me. That was a first!

    Hi Shannon Ann we do have good walks, thanks for joining us.

    I really love Cambria and SLO Kary, I'm sure we'll end up there for a cool breeze in the fall. xoxo

    Good to see you TM, I like your hikes too.

  13. That's it Harsi, I knew you would know. I like it's frilly pink under parts. Geesh you guys have had your share of flu's, I hope dh is feeling better soon. It's been cool in the early mornings thus far.

    I'm sure if we went hiking together Priscilla we could chat it up. We're all trying for balance, as long as we try.....

    With a full time Job you certainly manage to do a lot Lori but yes I am blessed indeed!

  14. Hey there chickadee-

    Your first photo with Jo and Teo makes me think of the yin/yang symbol!

    Humming like a top is a good way to describe the buzzing/whirring sound of the hummingbirds :). {I just replenished the nectar here for my little divebombers.} If I am in need of refilling the nectar, the hummers will hover right near my head -- so I know the feeling! Fun to think of all the types you have out west compared to our ONE ...the ruby-throated hummingbird.

    Thank you for this nice walk and for your recent blogs. I *adore* your new stunning pieces of wearable art!! Gorgeous designs beautifully crafted with your oh-so-talented hands and loving attention to

    XOXOXO & happy weekend to all♥

  15. Thank you Rochelle! :) Phoenix cat had a nice birthday, and got a little cat nip, so he was happy!

    Lovely photos, I love the pic of the Mariposa :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx

  16. Hi Lisabird, Yes those two do look rather Yin Yang ish, walking two with my camera and umbrella can offer it's own Zen free challenges I must admit. Teo is a dear but I'll glad when my, one lady one dog routine returns.

    I planted a cardinal climber just outside my studio window so I can enjoy the hummingbird antics this summer. I know what you mean about those feeders. My friend in the mountains has two and in the summer it looks like a rave! I think at times there are 15 to 20 waiting, thrumming, chasing, like a hot hive of bees. he has to filler up everyday. I just plant things they like.
    awww thanks for the props on the jewelry, I spent two days working on saddle ring orders only to find that every size I made was wrong, my hands are sore and now I need to sit down and make them over again. sigh

    Thank you Juli and also for the good info. I think while Google is reading and saving all of our information they forget to put the house back in the order they left it. Yesterday they forgot to replace the blog followers.