Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I remember a long time ago my husband used to visit his grandmother at the retirement home he told me "I always wear my blue shirt because blue makes people feel happy"

As I chased this beautiful butterfly around the garden I felt the same way. I love the color blue and it always makes me feel happy.

So who's idea was it to describe the feeling of sadness "the blues"......

because I take exception.

I discussed this with a friend the other day, she said that orange was supposed to be a happy color. "Orange is hot" I replied.

I told her I was not a big fan of yellow, then we both agreed that "the blues" should be renamed the grays, not that pretty shade of dove but darker with more brown.

Getting no respect at all, not being a symbol for happiness but if descriptions couldn't be more ridiculous, "nakedness" The Jay grimaced and agreed wholeheartedly.

I like the blues how bout you ? I want to hear your favorite and least favorite color.

*note there are shades of all colors that I like but I'm talking about the crayon box colors, the small set :)

xo Ro


  1. That butterfly is beautiful! I would love to capture his color...
    I'm going to say red and blue are my faves in the small box!

  2. My favorite color i just discovered Sunday....Purple Martin Purple....we have 2 nesting high up in a tree in our yard. That color is amazing. My least favorite is probably in the yellow family...or one of those really weird flesh tone colors that don't exist in nature.

  3. I love blue and green. Not a big fan of grey.
    The color of that butterfly is so beautiful.

  4. Wow to those pictures Ro!!! My favorite color is blue, the blue of turquoise, the delft blue, the mediterranean tile blue, prussian blue...I don't know why the expression. I also like charcoal grey a lot but not the dreary gray of dreary gray skies...I also love orange but you are right orange is hot...That butterfly on the lilac- beautiful! xo

  5. I am a colour lover, so I can pretty much find a shade of each colour I love.... except red. You will never see me wear red.

  6. I should add - unless it is Canada Day, then I am all about the red and white!

  7. I love the blues, and the violets. They are my favorite colors. I love lavenders and turquoise of cool, deep water. The blues of the sky, the grey of a storm coming. I also love happy yellow. I don't wear yellow, but I love to see it in my house, and in the fall trees.
    oh..and green...what can I say about forest green, the coolness of the trees, and the delightful soft green of a new leaf, and the moss green of the forest floor.
    well, maybe the question should be, what color don't I like?
    dang..its a color wheel toss-up.
    love you Ro!

  8. Definitely red is my favorite color but blue comes in a close second...there are so many shades of blue which makes it such an interesting color. Love the butterfly pictures.

  9. I LOVE the diversity here it's what makes the world go round!!!

    Keep em coming....

  10. You definitely have an exquisite eye behind that camera. I seem to be drawn to blues and greens lately. Searching for that calming effect?!

  11. My all time favorite color is blue. From dark indigo to pale sky transparent blue. 2nd is turquoise/aqua. Like you, there are shades of all colors that I love (except not so many pinks). That blue butterfly is so beautiful, wonderful photos!!! And the blue bird :) xoxoxo

  12. I also have an appreciation for pretty much every color out there in some context or another... but, if you asked me to pick one crayon (and one crayon only) to draw with forever...

    I'd probably pick BROWN.

    I'm sure that might seem odd to some, but it's the color of wood and earth. It's the color of deer, coyote and countless other animals. It's the color of my own eyes. :-)

    I'm also partial to grays, black, greens & blues. (BTW... Congrats, Sue on your Purple Martin pair!! This lovely bird species is one I hope to see for myself someday.)

    Ro, I was so tickled to see you featuring this butterfly!!! **WARNING: Stop reading now if you don't want to hear my nerdy insect ramblings.** This gorgeous butterfly -- the Pipevine Swallowtail -- actually wasn't really found in this area until fairly recently. As best I can tell, the plant that the caterpillars of this butterfly are dependent on is Dutchman's Pipe (Aristolochia spp.) which doesn't commonly grow around here. There is, however, a large amount of it planted at the local botanic garden (and there may be some pockets of ornamental plantings elsewhere in the neighborhood). I was just at the botanic gardens a few days ago and there were GOBS and GOBS of these butterflies as well as huge numbers of caterpillars. I was shocked by how quickly their population has exploded... Is this the first time you are seeing this butterfly in your yard, Ro??? I was going to do a blog post soon showing what the caterpillars and chrysalis look like... but, your adult butterfly pics are waaaay better than mine. Nicely done!! Fabulous post.

  13. When I was a little girl, whenever I would get my new Keds (sneakers) for school, I had to choose between red or blue. I still remember what a difficult decision that was for me. I think I alternated colors from year to year.
    I still can't settle on a favorite color. Red and Blue are two of my favorites.
    I like a lot of colors..... Don't make me choose!

    Your butterfly is such a beautiful shade of blue. I love seeing your "California" Blue Jay. He's a handsome fellow.

    Thanks to Harsi for the butterfly info. I was about to do a little research on that beauty.

  14. Orange is my favorite color, but I rarely wear it.
    Green is my favorite color to wear.
    Blue is what I usually sing.
    and Red is the color that gets me movin'.

    but I agree, when I call for a song now, I will call it "The Grey's" in E please.

  15. I'm jumpin' on board with blue --in my mind I'm jumping on board.....

    a royal blue boat
    surrounded by aqua water
    under a robin's egg blue sky
    and I'm wearing a baby blue bathing suit
    and Ro's turquoise jewelry!!

    Wow. Tough to pick a least favorite color. Twist my arm (harumph) and I'll say red. But Cinder - I, like you - alternated between blue and red Keds!!! Too funny. I guess all bets are off when it comes to Keds ;-}


  16. Red and blue Amy are a perfect combination like turquoise and coral.

    Purple martin purple Sue!! Wow I heave only seen pictures but I do love purple in any shade. It must be stunning worn by birds. I hope you get pictures to post.

    I love blue and green too E O N the sky and earth.

    It takes courage to wear red Jaime, I have one red blouse that I bought just to see if I had the courage to wear it, sometimes I do :)
    Canada Day :) xo

    I thought about this a lot yesterday Deb as I worked in my garden. There isn't a flower color I don't like but I'm careful with the combinations. I love pink roses but I'm not pink person. Naturally you already know how much I like blue, green and purple.

    Hi Sandi, Red and Blue, interesting!

    They have the same effect on me too ShannonAnn

    Priscilla I never have found a person that didn't like blue but I overheard a woman near a dressing room at a store complain, ugh "too bad it's blue I hate blue" I had to turn and see just what a person looks like that doesn't like blue. She looked perfectly normal. :) :) :)

    I think brown may be my favorite color to wear Harsi. Gosh I'm thrilled at the info you provided. I don't have Dutchman's Pipe in my garden but have been reading up on it now I need to find a plant and figure out where to put it. I had another swallowtail in my garden yesterday and the first time I had ever seen one was at RSABG. I need to go there and find out what variety they planted, TODAY.

    Another red and blue, I'm finding this interesting Cinder, thanks for the memories. I remember having red and blue keds too though it took a long time to convince my mom to buy us tennis shoes. I remember her saying "they make your feet smell bad" yup, but you can throw them in the washer too. I had a plaid pair as well.

    Finally someone for orange SJ. I have a friend with beautiful red hair that wears orange and gold and moss, it looks stunning on her.
    I think you should definitely sing the grays "in E please"

    I think when we like and dislike colors it relates to colors we like to wear, colors that fit in our own personal palate. When people choose pottery, batik and jewelry not surprisingly they carry collections of the same color they have on often stating, "I love this color" :)

  17. Songbird, early bird, I think or you when I hear Stairway to Heaven btw

    I feel the same way, love the blues, slightly afraid of red though nothing is more stunning that turquoise and coral, or red keds. Red shoes and ruby slippers are exempt.

  18. Mona, you sparked my interest so I looked it up, Prussian Blue was named after the color of army uniforms, also known as Berlin Blue.

  19. Oh what a delightful post Ro! i love your blue butterfly, your photos are poetic. and that darling bluebird, well done!

    i love all colors too and change my mind as to which is my favorite all the time. i love the blue of my youngest childs eyes, and the blue of my mothers turquoise bracelet. i love the green of leaves and jade and the velvety central california hillsides in spring. i LOVE the golden tan of those same hillsides in late summer...colors are attached to so many memories, i could go on like this for a long time.
    lovely post and your comments are always so wonderful as well!
    xo lori

  20. that's funny, i am also slightly afraid of red, i've never been comfortable with it. i do have a few articles of clothing though that i need to wear when my husband needs me to for photos.

  21. For me it's scents that bring the memories flooding back Lori ann. Red can be intimidating still I like a challenge.