Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two Rings

This blog needs more jewelry don't you think? I made two saddle rings for your consideration.

*I have to admit this picture makes me laugh because I have a friend that is extremely tall and extremely thin (think supermodel) when I walk with her I am the ring on the left :)

*sold "Skye" size 8.25

Swirling around with her frilly undergarments showing, Skye includes a touch of copper along with a Kingman Turquoise hailing from Arizona.

3/4 in tall

gorgeous band.


"Annabelle"size 8.25

Annabelle is a taller drink of water, glowing carnelian really, she stands one inch tall in the front.

Her band is patterned with beautiful swirling filigree.

Climbing, twisted, vining, though she appears......

........don't get her wrong with her compass front, she knows just where she's going.

If you have any questions, I'll be listening to Ira Glass while I work today, checking convos on etsy and email.

Thanks for stopping by, xoxo Ro


  1. oh how enviable to be sitting tall in the saddle Annabelle! Just stunning,both or you are, but I'm hiking with you today Ro, I'm the gal on the left, opening the gates for you all on the trail today!
    Hee hee!

  2. Love them! I am always the shorter one too. I'm barely 5'1". On good days my friends swear I walk about 5'7"! I've been making a bunch of full band rings lately too.. must be something in the air! 'Tis the season!! xo

  3. The red in that carnation is sensational! Love them both, nice work!

  4. I love all your patterned band saddle rings & these are no exception, gorgeous!! Enjoyed yesterday's hike with the sweet bunny encounter :) Does the empty nest belong to hawks or owls? Maybe Mart & Jo are worn out with all the guarding they do at night while you're sleeping :)) xoxo

  5. I get a little excited when I see your donkey... : )

  6. What Mona just wrote sounds very, very, VERY wrong somehow... (hee hee!).... but, I have to admit, that I feel the same way about that little burro.

    Ro, you know I am fan of silver (almost exclusively), but I've got to say that that little accent of copper works sooo well on this ring. Whoever snatched Skye up is a lucky lady indeed!

    Perhaps I should know this already... but, is the sale this weekend?!

  7. What a lovely shipment little Churro!

  8. Nope Harsi, the sale is next weekend, the 4th!
    Am I going to see you there?

  9. Hey Debbie, thanks for setting me straight!! Well, I plan to be there... so, yeah, we should run into each other! I'm guessing it's best to go early if you want to see all the good stuff. :-)

  10. Hi Deb, you and Harsi are cracking me up! I've been making earrings non stop for the last two days, gonna finish up and start setting stones, I'm excited to clear everything out and begin again, reboot :)

    I'm 5'1" too SJ I think that's why I like to look around on the ground so much, when I was a kid I always found money.

    Hi Rae thank you!

    Hi Jaime I can tell you still have carnations on the brain :) :) I love it!!! xoxo

    Hi Priscilla, It's the hawks nest :( :( I'll keep checking but it should have at least one big chick. The owls have not nested in their usual place this year and though I have frequently checked their particular canyon I only saw one once. I actually saw a ton of bunnies but the camera UGH! That one looked like a cartoon he heee! Oh no they sleep at night too, Mart under his own cover on the bed, too funny he waits to be covered up. Banjo has a wicker bed with feet with her portrait hanging on the wall behind it, no joke, it's hilarious, I must take a picture sometime, those two are slackers!

    You're funny Mona, I wish he had more goods to tote.

    Churro's something special for sure Harsi, thank you for asking I hope to see ya the 4th or 5 th pack sun screen and rain gear!

    Hi Sue, I love your new work, very impressive.

    H & D You need to exchange cell phone #'s xoxox

  11. Ro, I'm laughing to myself picturing Mart being tucked in under his covers & Banjo sleeping like a princess under her portrait :-) Too funny!!! xo

  12. Ha haa Priscilla, we spoil them just right but don't get me wrong those two are kept in line, they have endured a lot of training. Their absolute worst trait (both of them) is their barking. The little guy can hear someone approaching a mile away (what big ears you have) then Banjo joins in.