Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I was able to find some (a lot) of really gorgeous local turquoise on my trip. I have a show coming up and my ladies at home LOVE turquoise as do I so I'll be happily working in it for a while. The stones above are from the #8 mine in Nevada. I love this turquoise with the rusty matrix it looks old and worn like the windblown desert where it's from.

I created desert skies with a sunburst pattern, seeds and pods below to represent the dry farming of the region.

Sand verbena leaves dangle below, that wonderful mat of purple that blooms in spring.

Ribbon Turquoise from the Royston Mine in Nevada. Turquoise usually is found in veins as opposed to nuggets, here the host rock is also present with just a hint of turquoise, rustic, beautiful interesting.

I created a double strand pendant with turquoise beads

Sweet little home grown elements hold it all together.

I'll tell you about "Concho" tomorrow, I'm off to wash and groom my dirty dogs, Marty needs a cut and frankly this week I can't wait to take care of them and bring them home fresh and clean. If you have any questions about these pieces you can email me or contact me through etsy convos. I'll be checking them throughout the day. I have one more beautiful hinged pendant I have been working on for several days. I want to show it on Laura so it will have to wait until I can get together with her.

*This work will be listed on etsy tomorrow

Here's to a good and productive day. xo Ro


  1. Oh my gosh, Ro--these are amazing! You allow turquoise to sing its songs, that's for certain!!!! I love these pieces, especially with the seeds and pods and leaves!

    And that pendant!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhh!!!!!

    You're having way tooooooooo much fun--and it shows!!

  2. sigh. my heart is delighted!
    Love, Love them all!!
    and that pendant, (as I close my mouth!)

  3. You speak to my tuquoise soul lady!

  4. ...
    So lovely...
    I love the curve of the leaves, the flash of turquoise in the pendant...Just breath taking.
    Hope you are very well Rochelle!

  5. I am having fun Caroline I love the turquoise!

    MLJ xoxo

    I can't wait to show my next pieces Deb lalalaa LOve!

    I love your turquoise heart Delia :)

    Thank you Andrea, I'm loving your new journey xoxo

  6. Oh my, Ro...I love your earrings.
    The Ribbon Turquoise is so different. I like it.
    Your necklace is beautiful.

    You always make such lovely pieces.

    xo : )

  7. When I saw the first photo I thought -- wow! those two necklaces look like they were made to go together! Then, I scrolled down and saw that they WERE made to go together. LOL! Wonderful pairing of the turquoise strand with the eye-catching pendant, Ro.

    Will you be sharing photos of your newly coiffed pooches? :-)

  8. Beautiful pieces - love that necklace.

  9. How special these new pieces are.....I should say you were productive! The earrings are so charming with your interpretation of desert skies and dry farming region below. (I love the curve of the leaves too, Andrea.)

    And I adore the necklace with the *hint* of turquoise below the strand of beads. YUM!!!

    P.S. Happy grooming day -- aren't you thankful that yours aren't white???! :o)

  10. Oh these are truly gorgeous. I would love to wear them. Your work is just beautiful.

  11. Thank you Cinda! :) xo

    Harsi Ha ha no I won't be sharing pictures of the dogs. Banjo looks as she usually does but I shaved Mart and he looks like a stick figure dog now. It isn't so pretty but he was so rejuvenated he spent the rest of the day killing his stuffed animals then rolling on them just to show them he was boss :)

    Sandi, Thank you sweet lady xo

    Hi Lisa, thank you for the kudos, You have a point though Banjo is half white she's high off the ground. Those curly dudes of yours need lots of care. How often do you wash them?

    Thank you so much Laurie, I have so much fun with my work, just like you.

  12. HA HA HA! Having actually seen him attacking those stuffed animals with my own eyes last time I was there, I couldn't help but laugh at the image of a newly-shorn mart giving them what for... Thanks for the grin!

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  14. Oh, the turq!!! I love these new pieces, and the stones are absolutely beautiful, such inspired work...thanks for sharing your lovelies! Aloha!

  15. Hello Sierra, Thank you so much, greetings from Ca to beautiful Hawaii!!