Monday, May 16, 2011

Turquoise Sky

"Josie" size 5 1/2

The weather here has been beautiful, cool and cloudy. I took an extra long walk this morning it felt like a vacation. Have you ever been hiking and felt like walking all day? Sometimes I feel like I could just walk away.......then I get hungry :) I've been busy in my studio, yesterday the rain tapped a song on the roof while I tapped one with my hammers, around noon the sky opened up and silly puffy cartoon clouds made their shapes in the turquoise sky. I wanted to walk up that steep hill and watch the sunset but I ran out of steam.
Here are some of my recent pieces, I made more saddle rings, these are all with Royston Turquoise from Nevada. You've already seen Josie, though you haven't formally met.

side view

*sold "Belle" size 81/4

Meet Belle....

Belle side view

*Sold "Dixie" size 7 3/4

......and Dixie

Dixie, side view

Gorgeous rings with lots of texture, 3/4 in tall. I love these rings not only because they're beautiful. The bands are so comfortable I can even wear mine when I work.

* sold
Help me name this gorgeous feminine necklace. The turquoise is from the number 8 mine also in Nevada. It has that lovely lightning matrix often occurring in that particular turquoise.

The stone is bracketed with verbena leaves and lots of intricate details.

*This pair is sold
I created embossed "Rising Sun" earrings with Kingman Turquoise from Arizona.

six pairs to be exact. Then I realized if you wear a red shirt while shooting shiny silver your pieces all appear pink.
The discs themselves are slightly over an inch long.

*sold One more pair of stamped "Conchos"

*med sold "Wranglers" med 1 in. lg 1.25 in discs

I really had fun stamping and created a new design using all sterling, they are so lacy like petticoats. When you work alone you're mind wanders, the particular project you're working on becomes so personal, you crawl around inside it, come to know every detail. The name "Frillbillies" popped into my head. My son was inside the house making a drawing of Stevie Wonder for a magazine he and his friends are creating called "Slaughter House Jive" a name Bryce made up, so I told him the name I had arrived at for my new earrings. "Already been taken" he said, so I looked it up in the urban dictionary. To quote a friend "Good Grief "! It's always best to check these things first :)

These will be listed tomorrow unless claimed today. I'm working in my studio all day so I'll be able to check my computer for any questions you might have. Please contact me through etsy or email.

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful Monday, Love Ro


  1. Belle, Dixie and Josie are three very LOVELY ladies--and I agree, these rings are COMFORTABLE--I wear mine while I work, too--my own little bit of sky!

    Okay, these earrings are too much--irresistible!!! I love them all--your stamped designs are fascinating, and add just the right feminine touch with plenty of sass around the edges.

    I'm still working on a necklace name...

    And I found "frillbillies"--that's quite a contrived definition, in my opinion, whereas your use of the word is more organic, growing right out of the silver. Can we petition the Urban Dictionary folks for a revision????


    (Turquoise is sort of like catnip to December babies....)

  2. CARoLINE! (Turquoise is sort of like catnip to December babies....)hahahahah LOVE that, you hit the nail on da head! But not just December babies...this October Libra is 'smitten!
    Ro, you have BLOWN me away AGAIN. whew! you have been hammering away, tap, tap, tap to the rain on the roof.
    I have never been so much in love with turquoise as I am now. Thats because of the blue skys you have brought me! I love my concho earrings! If any of you are on the fence, jump down and get them!
    Ro, I nominate this spectacular necklace as
    "Verbena in the Sky"

  3. Hi Ro -

    These pieces are amazing and SO filled with soul. Debbie, I agree, I have never loved turquoise so much either (and I've always loved it!) I love your balance of design details and how you pair them with your gorgeous stones.

    I looked up some Nevada names (since you have brought turquoise to such a lofty place with that stunner of a necklace), and a couple of names stood out:

    "Liberty Peak" and "Spirit Mountain."

    Happy start to a new week, and here's to you, an incredibly talented artist who sees beauty everywhere, and so deftly transforms it into wearable art.
    {insert BIG smile here}


  4. Ditto, ditto, ditto - the above ladies have said it so well. I love the intricate patterning & stamping & the amazing stones you've selected. I am blown away at the creativity & special vision you bring to your work!! Each piece is a beauty!!! xoxo

  5. Thank you so much wonderful friends for all your sweet comments.I had a busy day at the office starting with a long walk and a conversation with the deer. I show you pictures tomorrow, I PROMISE a smile or two.

    XOxoxXxOox, Ro

    *catnip HA! for me too, well put!!!

  6. Ha! I know what you mean about turning your pics the color of the shirt you are wearing! I've had to remove mine in the past ;) luckily for my neighbors I take pics inside! You stamp beautifully, I need more practice!

  7. Ro, your rings, earrings and necklace are so beautiful.
    They look like something you would find in your "adventurous" Grandmother's jewelry box. Just something she picked up while she lived in the desert..... At least that's what I would love to have passed on to me, along with exciting stories of a most interesting life.
    Each piece is a future heirloom.

  8. I'm sneaking in late to the party AGAIN... but what a lovely blue and silver party it is!

    I'm partial to "Josie" and it is a good thing that you made so many "Rising Suns", those are sure to be in hot demand!

    Your necklace reminded me of a vernal pool -- -- a temporary accumulation of water where all sorts of interesting (and intricate!) life forms thrive. So, when I read that the surrounding foliage was verbena leaves, I couldn't help but think of calling it "Verbenal Pool". Ha ha... I know it's not really very catchy... but I like it!!

    Ro, I laughed out loud when I read the first few sentences of this post -- it was as if you were writing about my morning. I guess we both know a truly beautiful day when we see it!! I am not as disciplined as you are though and I stayed out much longer than I should have -- 4 hours!! By the time I got home, my stomach was grumbling loudly and the chores were piled sky high. :-)

    P.S. Kudos to Bryce for his clever name -- I would love to see a copy of "Slaughter House Jive" once it is completed!

  9. Hello Amy Nicole, I never even wear red I was just trying to get outside my box for a day and look what happened :) It sounds like you found your own way around that issue. :) he heee

    You are a dear and darling lady Cinder, I always appreciate your support, xo

    I love a vernal pool Harsi they are quite interesting, how just a small depression can support a surprising amount of life. This weather is wonderful but a girl still has to eat! I'll tell your fellow Taurus you liked his name he has a gift when it comes to that. BTW I stuck with Frillbillies anyway......who cares......:) :)