Friday, May 13, 2011


Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

*Blaise Pascal

Walk with your mind open and at peace.
Have an enjoyable weekend all, love Ro


  1. Oh...that is something I needed to hear today.

    And a wonderful weekend to you, too.

    (And just what is this wonderful plant??????)

  2. Shall do Andrea.

    It's a lowly empty grass hull, viewed en mass not much to see but solitarily beautiful. Have a lovely weekend Caroline

  3. Thanks Ro, same to you!! I'll be looking forward to jewelry on Monday - the backside of that patterned band is a teaser :-) xoxo

  4. You know, I kind of figured that something incredible is waiting to be known....feels great to read that someone has said it :) {{It makes it more real.}}

    Yes. The lowly empty grass hull is surely beautiful all by itself. Have a wonderful weekend. (I have no doubt you'll be spreading some joy "Ro-style"!)


  5. "Walk with your mind open and at peace."

    What a beautiful sentiment, Ro. I had a nice long walk today and that is EXACTLY how I approached it. Does wonders for the mind and soul... :-)

  6. Hello Priscilla, I LOVE the word "backside" when talking about jewelry (chuckle) happy weekend!

    I LOVE it too Lisa, so true, so well put. The simple incredible beauty of the whispering dry grass hull, quietly beckoning. As M Oliver would say, these things kill me with delight! xo

    I agree Harsi, the best medicine, nothing compares, it can't be beat!! xo

  7. Really interesting plant. What is it?

  8. great quote
    kinda sure
    sun is shining
    in sunny ca
    may the rays
    be with ro!
    (pretentious moi?
    jamais haha)