Monday, May 30, 2011

The Remains of a Day

I sit on the ground with what remains of this day and watch the light filter though the leaves.

Each evening as the sun bows, faceted clouds of tiny insects make their quiet presence. They stay within the confines of their own congregation, some defined border only they understand. They are lifted by a sudden breeze, then strewn like stars, when the air calms, again they reassemble. I have watched hummingbirds become part of this drama, they swoop in like fighter jets, hang in the air and ingest these tiny golden nymphs with such precision like a secretary tapping typewriter keys.

I can never capture them with my camera, they're magical, maybe they don't really exist. Sitting in the garden transports me to a peaceful place after a long day, just to sit and be present.

to look... really see all the gifts, changing with the light, changing with the wind.

Using all the senses, listening to the blonde bees, the oils on the sage with the thick heart shaped leaves smell like pineapple.

I am part of this and so are you...

.....but it's time to shower and change because there's more to do....



These guys are really good

really loud

Bryce's graphics are impressive with the lighting and the show was a blast.

Just what remained of the day was a lot.
Life is beautiful and each day is a new opportunity, how exciting is that!

xoxo Ro


  1. I really loved your meditation on that magical time... the last of the light of the day. You did such a wonderful job of describing the swarms of tiny insects and the incredulous spectacle that the local hummers put on plucking them from the air. (I just love your blog, Ro!)

    It sounds like you had a fantastic night too! You must be one proud mama. I just finished downloading my copy of Cogito's CD and I bet they are really a great band to see live. Where did you get to see them perform?

  2. I knew you were there Harsi....

    I only learned about their gig in the Pomona Arts Colony the day before but they'll be at the El Ray in Los Angeles next month. For more info email me gosh the energy boost was amazing! I took that shot of myself at 1 a.m. made the most of that day!

  3. oh, my gosh Ro, what a wonderful posting today!
    I just felt every word!
    Yesterday we hiked in your part of the woods, today we hiked in mine. I picked up a treasure from the San Antonio Trail just for you!
    See you soon!
    xo soar sister!

  4. I really enjoyed your lovely photos & meditation on nature's magic at the end of the day!! Thought while listening to Cogito's music that they would be a great band to see live!! And the banner looks so cool with the lighting. xoxo

  5. Ro... 1 AM? Really? So what'd you get about 4 hours of sleep before your normal wake-up time? :-)

    I doubt we'll make it into LA... we don't usually go too far from home (at least not for a late night anyway). But, if you hear about anymore local gigs... let me know! Too bad I missed the one in Pomona.

  6. Oh Deb I'm so glad to hear that! Looking forward to seeing you. A gift :) :) can't wait xoxo

  7. Dear Priscilla, fellow gardener, I hope you have a chance to just sit too, to sit and replenish your good self. I was also impressed with the banner, thank you!

    Yes seriously Harsi 1 am, I slept til 7:30 and worked all day, I was excited because I set all my stones today, it was like Christmas! I had a show and invited Eric :)

  8. what an awesome day. your pride (for your son) and contentment (for your life) shows in your face. and you are a very beautiful woman ro.

  9. Awww Lori, It was an awesome day, thank you!