Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Poor Jo
xo, Ro


  1. Jo-cahontas!

    HA HA! Such a cute, sweet photo. Beautiful feather. Glad to see that the red-tailed family seems to be doing well. xo

  2. Ohhhhhhh, read that expression on Jo's face--she DOES adore you, but you're testing her limits here.

    Haahaaaaaahaaaaaaaa!!! Jo, come to the prairie, where we treat dogs respectfully!!!!

    "Jo-cahontas" indeed--good one, Harsi!!!!!! Heeheeeheeeeeeeeee!!

    Greetings to the hawk family....

  3. Caroline I love her expression, she "can" give a good stink eye!

    Jo-cahontas, a haaaa ha haaa!! Good one Harsi

  4. Ha ha...she likes to accessorize! xoxo

  5. It's hard to look dignified with a feather in your fur, but I think Jo does a lovely job! Great find!

  6. Too cute...I love the expression on Jo's face - wouldn't you love to know exactly what she's thinking...or maybe not.

  7. oh...i see my good friend lori ann here....

    so cute...love that look in jo's eye...
    what a sweetie

    great pictures

    happy to visit today

    kary, teddy and the farmhouse kittys

  8. This is too funny!! What a good sport Banjo is.....

    (I think she looks very wise, or maybe sly.....like she knows something that we don't!)


  9. Love Banjo with the feather! That made me smile. :)

    (The raven cuff is going to make me smile too!)


  10. Hello Mon amie I'm not sure she's liking it, maybe putting up with it :)

    I agree Lori ann dignified.........no.

    Well Sandi by the look on her face I can tell too what she's thinking :P

    Ms Kitchenette your blog photo was precious xo

    Oh gosh Lisa Banjo is letting you in on the fact that you need to be a good sport to walk with Ro but I'm sure you already knew that, Ha! She's a perfect companion, she's always ready to go and is always patient with my requests, such as.....hmmm let's try this feather on :) I told her she looked pretty.

    Hi Kim!! Yup, you are officially in the soar sister club, welcome! xoxo

  11. Jo looks like a true dog chief... that kind of pure confidence needs to be followed:)


  12. welcome new soar sister Kim!
    Ro, I must say that Jo looks like she will put up with anything for YOU!
    heee heeeee!
    Princess Jo of the Trail!

  13. Hi Mich, I agree!!!!

    She really does, Deb xoxoxox