Thursday, May 19, 2011

One Only

I love these cuffs and they take so long and so much care to get them just right, I need to be in the right mood in order to make them. Creativity is not something that can be forced, either the mood is right or frankly it just isn't. Each feather is sculpted individually, there is no fast way or shortcuts taken.

The way I like to start my day is with a long walk at dawn break and today was no different. I saw so many lovely sights, the birds were all in tune, a bobcat skirted right in front of me on silent tiptoes, gave me a cold shoulder and disappeared into the brown as the hills gobbled him up. I watched a coyote hunt for field mice popping this way and that til it finally grabbed one turned and trotted off with it's jaws full.
I then came home feeling scrubbed clean and ready to start the day and show you my pictures when my computer decided to be a poop and I gave up. I've typed in all my passwords so many times, I finally gave up, threw in the towel, I quit but I wanted to tell you.....

The quail have been plentiful..

Just look at this adorable couple as they chat. I think they're dating, look at how intently she's listening.

This handsome chap cheered me on as I hiked the trail below.

So I made one, only one, quail feather cuff for a medium sized wrist.

Which will move to etsy tomorrow unless someone wants to claim it today from my blog. I like giving you ladies first crack, you are my people and I love you for that. Thank you for traveling to these parts, it means the world to me.

xo Ro and Jo, picking burrs out of our socks and paws..


  1. Afternoon, Ro! I feel all the more grateful today for your blog and for taking me along on your walk -- I'm still stuck in bed.:-( Fortunately, I can still look out the windows at my place! Sure enough, this morning as I was making a big pot of tea, I too saw one of the sweet quail pairs strolling along together. Dating? Yes. If I'm remember correctly, I think most of the chicks I've seen are from late July or August, so they probably haven't gotten to the "serious business" yet. :-)

    Someday, one of those exquisite feather cuffs will have my name on it! Unique and stunning.


    I just had to share this on your blog Ro. All soar sisters need to see this!
    xo to all
    Have a happy day!

  3. PS, I hope the baby ends up flying away to be a normal little humming, but in the meantime..he's imprinted on a human daddy, hee hee.
    I hope you didn't mind me sharing Ro!

  4. Ro, the inspiration you derive from everything around you translates into such beautiful designs....this bracelet is no exception...gorgeous. Love the quail; I wish my hubby would listen that intently to me :-).

  5. Hi Harsi, I hope you feel better soon, it's no fun being stuck in bed. The quail were so wonderful today along with everybody else. xo

    Deb thanks for the link it's remarkable, I hope that baby survives outside too.

    Ha haaa Sandi :) He did when you were dating! xoxo

  6. Bobcat, coyote, and quail, oh my! Ro, you have such interesting walks. And the quail couple is adorable.....I think you're right about them dating ♥ :)

    Your new cuff is amazing. I can't get over how you make metal look like a feather. Your bracelets are simple and detailed at the same time. (I'm pretty sure magic is involved.)


  7. I can only imagine the patience that goes into the detail of creating your feathers. amazing.
    Kudos, Ro.
    It moves....

  8. It was a wonderful walk Lisa one of those days I didn't want to stop. I should have stayed out the electronic gods were punishing me :)
    Magic Ha! xoxo!

    Thank you SJ I started making them so long ago, long before they became an etsy "thing" I love them, xoxo