Monday, May 9, 2011

Love in a Mist

I had a very sweet Mothers Day I hope you did too. The weather changed from sun to a wonderful drizzle over night, what a relief. I cut some flowers from my garden and drove to the cemetery. For those of you with living parents, hold them close and treasure your moments as a family, life feels so brief at times. For those of you that don't visit a cemetery on Mothers Day, let me tell you, it's a busy place, a regular party. The weather was chilly but in previous years I've seen people spread blankets and have lunch, balloons and flowers in tow, I think it's a great way to remember loved ones.

Bryce age 2

When I returned home my boys were already making breakfast, ummmmm bacon. We like to celebrate special days with eggs, potatoes, and a couple of strips of bacon in the late morning. I'm not a breakfast eater so we have brunch. Since the weather was perfect we drove to the nursery for tomato plants and citrus fertilizer. I planted tomatoes and Bryce did the fertilizing then his housekeeping chores. I relaxed and read then puttered in my studio til the evening. Bryce (age 21 now) made a couple of flat bread pesto pizzas. We put on sweaters, sat in the garden and toasted the day with a glass of wine, Bryce remarked, "it feels like Italy".

I took a hike this morning to check on the hawks. I have been hiking several times since I returned from my trip but not on this particular trail. I see one of the adults siting beside the nest but I can't see inside it, a branch has grown right where I used to view.

I continue on to sunflower hill. I've never been able to accurately capture the beauty of this particular spot, sunflowers flow down a steep hill to the slot canyon where I stand looking up.


Cool and cloudy

with a slight chance of sun

Things are becoming very brown........

which is right when this gorgeous little lilly with it's circus tent buds likes to make her debut.

I hiked on a couple of miles but instead of doing a loop I turned around and headed back the way I had come. I hiked up the hill again for another look at the nest yeeeeeee look who was looking down at me!

One curious little fledgeling! One of the parents is still monitoring the nest on the right behind the thick branch.

It's hard to show you since the nest is way up there.

I'll be busy in my studio today, I hope you enjoy a productive day too. I should have new jewelry to show you tomorrow. xoxox Ro


  1. Sweet Ro!
    I can only imagine what a wonderful mom you had, because look what a gift she gave us all, YOU!
    I'm sure she knows how you celebrate her in your heart.
    Such a sweet picture of Bryce at age two! look at that, he was already painting!! so precious!!
    Wow, a special little hawk fledgling!
    great pictures, it was a beautiful weekend.
    Thank you again for sharing your heart!
    And for making special hearts for us to enjoy, and collecting rock hearts from the earth!
    xo, xo!

  2. Ro, sounds like you had a fantastic day yesterday! I'm so glad... you deserve it... especially the drizzle... when it started, I smiled thinking about how that must be making you so happy.
    Oh! Bryce's tie-dye outfit is so awesome. :-) And so is his painting... Jeesh! Look at how professionally he's holding that brush! At 2 years old??!!!
    I know just what you mean about struggling to capture the beauty of certain well-loved spots on one's walks. But, I can definitely feel the beauty of Sunflower Hill in these photos. Love it.
    Hey, is that a "goldenstar" (golden star?)?? I've only ever seen this special little late-blooming wildflower once, and sadly it was discovered just days before the brush-clearance crew whacked it down in anticipation of fire season. :-( I've never found another one.
    I couldn't help but laugh at your fledgling hawk... I swear it looks like it has EARS in that first shot! I know they're trying to look fierce, but the youngsters always look so comical to me as they stare you down. *grin*
    xo looking forward to seeing more lovely work tomorrow!

  3. Hi Deb,

    Thank you for your sweet *heart comment. That baby Bryce always loved to draw and paint, he was making his own party invitations when he was three, with all the superheroes :)

    Hello Harsi, Oh I forget the name of the lilly but there were tons of them, I have some in my garden too.
    The weather yesterday and today....WONDERFUL!
    That baby hawk is something, yes he does have big ears he heee.
    Don't you love that outfit, Eric used to call them wacky, wacky. Bryce had a lot of jailbird pants.xo

  4. Hi Ro,
    I was thinking of you yesterday as I was in a cemetery also. That tradition is a wonderful way to remember loved ones -- you're right.

    Bryce is adorable is the photo, and your brunch sounds just perfect.

    What a sweet picture of Banjo. Such a good girl :o)

    And I loved your "Yeeee" when you spotted that special someone in the nest!

    Happy Tuesday,

  5. As I get ready for bed, I hear that it has started to rain a little bit again... YES! Weird chilly weather for May, but I am definitely not complaining.

    "jailbird pants" -- HA HA HA!

  6. I was thinking of you on mothers day Lisa and wondering.
    It's a tough one. I hope your kids were there to bolster you also.

    I must hike out to the other nest and see how things are going there, it's pretty far so I haven't made it out there for a while.

    Oh Harsi it's just great!
    We thought we should give him a tin cup to drink out of. he heeee!! They were cute and soft, we ordered them from Sweden.