Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Good Problem

*Concho's are both sold

Naturally I had to make some "Conchos", I stamped my heart out ever so carefully then placed a Kingman Turquoise in the very center with a lariat around them. The problem is they are disappearing out of my studio before I can show them to you.

The discs have a one inch diameter, I have two pair left for etsy.
Commencements are about to happen in this town of many colleges and we've had a steady stream of shoppers looking for special gifts for special grads. I like to make a pile before I show my work and I have several special pieces coming down the pike including rings, I'm having a blast!
In the mean time let's meet in the garden..........

Like my jewelry I like things en masse, I like a mob when it comes to flowers. The early bunnies chomped the "corncockle" down to the nubs, now standing waist high below the espaliered fig.

I need to figure out how to post a video so I can show them undulating in the breeze, use your imagination......imagine the evening light catching them like lanterns a slight breeze causes them all to take a bow in the same direction, then whip upright like choreographed dancers, listen to the deep toned wind chime as the note resonates like a low gong.

larkspur mixed in

Annual candytuft
I collected these seeds many years ago and have brought them to all of my gardens. I had never seen it before a friend grew it in a wildflower mix. It comes in shades of purple, pink and white.............

......and beautiful unexpected crosses.

Borage looks so furry and pleasing in the slanted light.

Verbena bonariensis another biannual I just cant live without, backlit towering about 7 feet.

Cheerleaders with pompons.
I copied the young leaves in silver for my latest jewelry pieces, silver from the garden. :)

Paraguay Nightshade
I have a love hate relationship with this one. I planted it because it grew on a a white stucco wall outside of one of my favorite restaurants in Mexico. The flowers are beautiful but what I didn't know is it takes a man with a machete to keep it in line, I swear it grows three inches a day.

✻ Thank for visiting, have a peaceful day, love Ro ❀❃✼ ⇢ I just learned how to make geeky widgets .


  1. I can see why those are flying out of your studio:) Loving all of the lovely turquoise lately. My garden is just beginning to come to life, the clematis and dianthus are blooming and my irises are fading out. There are a million tadpoles in the pond, and I'm starting to see turtles and tractors everywhere, it must be spring:) Enjoy your day.

  2. Oh your garden. Those corncockle! and the borage en masse like that. Do you have deer that come through and sample or have you found a way to keep them out?

  3. Hee HEEEEE! A good problem indeed!!
    We can't help it!! LOVE them!!
    and oh your garden! your garden grows nicely Ro!

  4. pretty
    and thanks
    for your


  5. i am loving the beginning of this beautiful new season, and i am loving that you have such similar passion! it was the first days of one of our summer farmer's market here in chico and just on a whim i bought a bundle of peonies that were so big i had to cradle them in my arm; they are some of the prettiest things i've seen in a while... those and the pictures of your precious garden and pieces.

  6. I am impelled to say hee-haw to those flowers, and I can see why the conchos are disappearing... happy wednesday RO! xoxoxo

  7. Love those turquoise earrings! & all your beautiful flowers.

    Have a lovely day!

    There is a storm coming across the lake here, oh I hope we get some good rain and thunder :)

  8. Gee... Ro, at this rate, will you have anything left for your Spring sale? :-)

    I'm overwhelmed by all the blues, pinks and purples in your yard right now! Are you able to write off your garden as a work expense? If not, you should! *grin* Inspiration is a definite "must have" for any artist's workspace and your garden must provide you with so very much of that.

    Your garden and parting wish for everyone to have a "peaceful day" have INSPIRED me as well -- check your e-mail! XO

  9. So much loveliness~ Yes, those conchos SHOULD be flying off the shelves...

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos~



  10. Ro, these are so detailed and lovely...I love your stamping details, and that tiny shot of turquoise in the middle is perfect! Happy grad season, It's no surprise that these are flying off your shelves! Aloha!

  11. I can certainly see why you can't keep them in your studio - they are lovely, as are your flower pictures.

  12. Hi Susie, sounds like spring, turtles and tractors, we have to grow that corn knee high by the 4th of July! I love clematis!!

    Hi Julie nope we have a quarter mile of houses between us and the deer though I'm sure they'd find everything quite delicious.

    Thank you Deb xoxox

    Love ya Linda

    Oh Peonies Megan! I used to grow them in the mountains unfortunately it's too hot here, they are amazing!! xo My early rising friend.

    I'm often compelled to say yee haw Mona he hawww!! ha haa!

    "A storm coming across the lake" Julie sound like you're in for another exciting ride! I like your face :) xoxox

    Harsi "the show" ugh!! too much work.....he hee thnx for the cute mail!

    Good to see you Andewyn! thanks..xo

    Aloha Sierra, shot of turquoise is a good way to put it, ker blam! xo

    Thank you Sandi ohh that light!!

  13. Hi Ro -

    I have been following along and admiring everything, from new jewelry to flowers to widgets :). The colors are gorgeous....from the turquoise stones to the pink and purple blooms! (Always a pleasure to meet you in your garden or studio.)


  14. I can see why the earrings flew out of your studio. They are gorgeous!

    I also like to gather a pile of jewels before I present them. There is something magical about a big cluster of silver babies.

    Your garden is so beautiful. I planted a batch of sunflower seeds a while back and I have been patiently waiting for them to grow. They're just a couple of inches now but I have high hopes for them!

  15. Hoot hoo Lisa Owl, thanks for following, It's always a pleasure!

    I decided to bolster the pile too Tess.
    Sunflowers are fun, they seem to grow before your eyes!