Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Desert Dog

Many of you have asked how "Concho", the dog we found on the roadside in Utah was doing. I have been so busy I haven't kept up with many of my friends but Friday evening we were invited out for Thai food and couldn't resist. Dinner turned into an early hiking date the following morning.

Concho is a little champion who loves his new life. His scabs have all healed, he will retain a few scars but his his family adores him and vise versa.

The light was low and pretty, furry caterpillar like phacelia have nearly completed unfurling.

The weavers have been up late doing their life's work

I came to see the little Western Toads make their debut.....

....their first appearance with legs, what a marvel.

We listened to the mockingbird as it perched below and annoyed the jay with it's ridiculous repitoir. When the jay had enough it flew off , the mocking bird never skipped a beat, simply inserted the jay call, now he was both.

* If you don't live with mockingbirds I can tell you they seriously have the most annoying voice of any bird. They repeat their same phrases over and over and over and over. Each has a different phrase which is repeated ad nauseaum, the broken record bird. This time of year some of them go all night long and if you're unlucky enough to have one outside your bedroom window, you will realize how Harper Lee found her title :)

The last of the lupine in the dry grasses

pretty, purple, penstemon, precisely, placed

In conclusion I must say, a little dog never had it so good, thanks for asking.

xo Ro, Jo and Concho


  1. Ahh...what a lovely tale...nothing like a pleased pet! I love your photos Ro...my heart jumps as I go from one to the other...xoxo

  2. What a great walk and update on Concho!!

    Baby toads... yes!! I love baby toads. Adult toads too, but especially the little ones. You'll have to tell me where exactly you were walking... I'm curious not just because of the toads but also because of that lupine. See all those pricklies shining in the sunlight? I think that must make this Stinging Lupine.
    I've only seen this species once or twice before in the hills, and if I remember correctly it was always somewhat near the creek. I gather this is a VERY unpleasant wildflower to brush up against... like stinging nettles...but you make it look so beautiful here. :-)


    P.S. Well, despite their noisy, repetitiveness -- I LIKE mockingbirds! Of course, I've been told many times that I have an unusual amount of tolerance for critters of all kind. LOL!

  3. Our own little Harper said last night, "What IS that?! That bird is ANNOYING me! Tell him to stop!" I had to laugh. Someday I'll explain the origins of her name to her and why it's therefore funny that she hates mockingbirds.

    Thank you for the Concho update!

  4. Thanks for the update. It's so great that Concho & his new family are happy together!! Enjoyed all your photos from birds to toads!! xoxo

  5. Hi Mona, Pleased indeed!

    I was in the wash below San Antonio Dam Harsi in the water spreading area. I have no idea just which furry lupine that was.

    Ha haa!!! Sharon, I love the name Harper :) :) butttt those mockingbirds can REALLY be pesky. We've had them camp out at our house several times, luckily this year we seem to be mockingbird free at night this year.

    Hi Priscilla Here's to happy endings and new beginnings...toads and unclaimed dogs included.


  6. Hi Ro -

    Life has had me able to read your posts, but not write in....I have LOVED them all. I drooled over the two new rings along with everyone else I'm sure! Gorgeous.

    And I really loved the photo that you took in the mirror at 1 a.m. I thought....she looks THAT GOOD at one in the morning? Dang! I would keep doing whatever you're doing, because you've definitely got it goin' on! And the Cogito art work is *fantastic*....I love seeing it SO big!!

    I'm also glad to hear the happy update about Concho. I have wondered too about his (and his owner's) experiences. You did a wonderful thing in rescuing him :)

    Have fun getting ready for your show -- I have lost track -- is it this weekend? Whenever it is, I'll definitely be there in spirit ♥.


  7. Hi Lisa, I missed you!
    Caroline is having the same issues, blogger can be a poop at times, I think it just buckles with all the strain :)
    I can't believe I lasted til 1 I'm sure it was the adrenalin from the show, it was so much fun. The boys had a blast too they were amped in both ways. They've been busy shoring up gigs, they certainly are a driving force.

    Cocho is a solid little brick now, he felt so good, so healthy, he's really something special.

    Yes the show is this weekend I priced 50 pairs of earrings yesterday. I'm feeling as ready as I'll ever be. Eric has piles of beautiful work, now it's time to organize.

    I feel ya Lisa xoxoxoxox

  8. can't wait, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!
    soar sister!

  9. Nice walk, and such different things to see than what I am used to.