Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Be Yourself

Hey, you copyin' me! (say it with a Brooklyn accent it sounds funnier)

I just had a long conversation with a very sweet lady that ended with, "be yourself, that's all you really have in the end don't you think, hey nothing wrong with that!!!

I like "you" xo Ro


  1. ..heh, heh..nature mimics nature! Great image captures Ro!
    I like "you" back! :-)

  2. Dandelion & deer with serious attitude... yup! that's why I stop by here everyday. :-)

    Oh, and also for the ever persistent reminders to enjoy life, to seek out beauty, to listen to your inner voices and to love yourself as best as you know how. Thanks, Ro.

  3. I like "you" Susie, Deb, Harsi and Mona xoxo