Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Desert Dog

Many of you have asked how "Concho", the dog we found on the roadside in Utah was doing. I have been so busy I haven't kept up with many of my friends but Friday evening we were invited out for Thai food and couldn't resist. Dinner turned into an early hiking date the following morning.

Concho is a little champion who loves his new life. His scabs have all healed, he will retain a few scars but his his family adores him and vise versa.

The light was low and pretty, furry caterpillar like phacelia have nearly completed unfurling.

The weavers have been up late doing their life's work

I came to see the little Western Toads make their debut.....

....their first appearance with legs, what a marvel.

We listened to the mockingbird as it perched below and annoyed the jay with it's ridiculous repitoir. When the jay had enough it flew off , the mocking bird never skipped a beat, simply inserted the jay call, now he was both.

* If you don't live with mockingbirds I can tell you they seriously have the most annoying voice of any bird. They repeat their same phrases over and over and over and over. Each has a different phrase which is repeated ad nauseaum, the broken record bird. This time of year some of them go all night long and if you're unlucky enough to have one outside your bedroom window, you will realize how Harper Lee found her title :)

The last of the lupine in the dry grasses

pretty, purple, penstemon, precisely, placed

In conclusion I must say, a little dog never had it so good, thanks for asking.

xo Ro, Jo and Concho

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Remains of a Day

I sit on the ground with what remains of this day and watch the light filter though the leaves.

Each evening as the sun bows, faceted clouds of tiny insects make their quiet presence. They stay within the confines of their own congregation, some defined border only they understand. They are lifted by a sudden breeze, then strewn like stars, when the air calms, again they reassemble. I have watched hummingbirds become part of this drama, they swoop in like fighter jets, hang in the air and ingest these tiny golden nymphs with such precision like a secretary tapping typewriter keys.

I can never capture them with my camera, they're magical, maybe they don't really exist. Sitting in the garden transports me to a peaceful place after a long day, just to sit and be present.

to look...

..to really see all the gifts, changing with the light, changing with the wind.

Using all the senses, listening to the blonde bees, the oils on the sage with the thick heart shaped leaves smell like pineapple.

I am part of this and so are you...

.....but it's time to shower and change because there's more to do....



These guys are really good

really loud

Bryce's graphics are impressive with the lighting and the show was a blast.

Just what remained of the day was a lot.
Life is beautiful and each day is a new opportunity, how exciting is that!

xoxo Ro

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cornflower Study

To look at any thing,
If you would know that thing,
You must look at it long:
To look at this green and say,
"I have seen spring in these
Woods," will not do - you must
Be the thing you see:
You must be the dark snakes of
Stems and ferny plumes of leaves,
You must enter in
To the small silences between
The leaves,
You must take your time
And touch the very peace
They issue from.

*To Look at Any Thing
John Moffitt

xo Ro

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Boys in the Band

Creative flow has been swirling around the homestead as of late. My son is in a band called Cogito. Aside from their music, this is a talented bunch, one is a photographer, one a writer, one is a sound engineer they all seem to have a specialty and as a group they possess an amazing amount of creative energy. Bryce (my son) does the graphics and has designed the logo.

The last couple of days they've spent hours on the patio painting a banner.

The talent...Bryce, Joe, Evan and Brandon. Press "Cogito" take a listen.

Things started to take shape, I wish I wasn't too busy to help.

As I pass from my studio to the house, I'm having fun observing the progress.

Finished! it looks great, now it's time to paint the drum skin (I think that what you call it)

Eric has been so busy working the night shift, finished work is piling up, we barely see each other lately, meeting for dinner we sit and catch up, sometimes we exchange studio tours.
My work is going well but no sneak peeks here. I've been building a lot of earrings as of late with brios, beads and silver.

This is a good kind of energy and it's contagious!

I hope you have a lovely long weekend, xoxox Ro

*Funny thing I heard yesterday while working "mom can you turn your music down" HA!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two Rings

This blog needs more jewelry don't you think? I made two saddle rings for your consideration.

*I have to admit this picture makes me laugh because I have a friend that is extremely tall and extremely thin (think supermodel) when I walk with her I am the ring on the left :)

*sold "Skye" size 8.25

Swirling around with her frilly undergarments showing, Skye includes a touch of copper along with a Kingman Turquoise hailing from Arizona.

3/4 in tall

gorgeous band.


"Annabelle"size 8.25

Annabelle is a taller drink of water, glowing carnelian really, she stands one inch tall in the front.

Her band is patterned with beautiful swirling filigree.

Climbing, twisted, vining, though she appears......

........don't get her wrong with her compass front, she knows just where she's going.

If you have any questions, I'll be listening to Ira Glass while I work today, checking convos on etsy and email.

Thanks for stopping by, xoxo Ro

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I'd like to show tons of pretty jewelry but it's crunch time for me and I'm trying like crazy to make new pieces for my show so my etsy contributions will be slow. Thank you so much everybody that supports me and my work, you ladies are so wonderful, I am extremely grateful to all of you.
Still it's important to walk so I did just that this early a.m.

I brought a new camera Eric had purchased and not really knowing its peculiarities I only got so, so shots. It's a wonderful thing to know your camera and use it like an appendage without thought. This baby bunny has the cutest expression click to enlarge. he heee I have a new baby bunny in my garden feasting on my swiss chard, it's adorable and I hope it stays out or Banjos way.

I saw nothing in the nest which is not a good sign this time of year, moon was there too.

You should see the sunflowers, the hills are cloaked which in turn causes them to become cloaked in birds.

Brown and green


close up

I read on someone's blog that she was working like a dog which is a relative term. All I have to say about my two is they spend an awful lot of time lounging at dog beach.

Once in a while a little s t r e t c h................. sometimes I envy them.........

Have a good day xo Ro, Mart and Jo