Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sometimes Scared Happens

It happens sometimes when you fall into a creative abyss, thoughts become muddled and flow just doesn't happen. The door is shut tight, it can be a little scary.

The studio looks like a blank page, a white sheet of paper staring you down. This is a good time to do something else.
*I'm sure the etsy circle issue was just grating on my last nerve, I feel so much better now that I opted out of it.

I've learned not to force it, you can't it's an impossibility. That's when it's time to meet with friends, cook, do some anger cleaning, haul bags of this and that around in the garden, fertilize, tend, plant, dig, read........WALK!!

I shared my problem with a friend who suggested I "make an egg" which was funny because at that moment as it turned out, that was exactly what I was doing.

*sometimes friends are connected that way

From that egg beautiful ideas hatched..... I'm excited and making rings, sincere and beautiful, sincerely beautiful! My arms are sore, my hands hurt and I couldn't be more excited. I'm riding this gravy train though the weekend so I won't be offering any new work this week ohhhh but wait til MOnDaY. > can you tell I'm excited?

*I used excited three times (3)! It's good (important, imperative) to be excited about your life.

I'll be spending my day here.

I hope you will join me.
xo Ro


  1. Wow, what a great picture...flying high. I would love to join. I should consider the egg solution, perhaps it helps one to regain focus. Enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend! xoxoxx

  2. I've been feeling creatively drained for a while too (I'm thinking all the wedding stuff has sucked me dry). Yesterday I went into the studio and started working on some earrings and I just went with it. It was such an awesome feeling to just let my hands guide me and just see where it would land. I am glad to hear that your creative egg has also hatched! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. Can't wait to see what Monday brings!

    Have fun in your studio.

    I really love the egg. : )


  4. LOVE to you and your egg.

    I'm grinning from ear to ear because we've had geese stretched from horizon to horizon for two days now--the migration is ON.

    AND I'm grinning because I JUST interviewed three folks from England and Ireland visiting a good friend here--it was like sitting in an Irish pub for two hours, without the pub--oh my gosh!!!! All the blarney that was flying around!! I wish I could share it with you!!!!

    Happy's nice to share that feeling, even too many miles apart.

  5. Creative highs and lows....i know them well...nice when the lows are gone temporarliy!

  6. ahhhhh, the flowers grow in the valleys, not on the mountain tops.
    Can't WAIT to see whatcha got cookin'!

  7. Okay, here's something (yes, I revisit your blog for the glorious photos)...

    Just glancing at today's title, with computer-weary eyes, I thought--for a moment--you wrote "something sacred happens".

    Which, it DOES.

  8. I'm feeling much less flitty Mona c'mon lets glide.........

    I can see why Tess you guys are really pouring it out.

    oh Cinder did I mention I was excited!!! :)

    Oh boy Caroline "spring" just when you needed it the most!
    Top of the day to ya!!

    You're right Sue "everything" waxes and wanes.

    Deb! Jane! xoxo

    See there you go again Caroline you were right on both counts! These rings are a bit sacred.

  9. Glad it doesn't sound like you fell too deep into the abyss & are out of it now! I hadn't paid any attention to "circles" & now I know I don't need to! I'm excited to see what you have hatched. It seems to me that you have taken the sad egg mishap in a very positive direction starting with the wonderful pendant! xo

  10. I love the third image... though I can't quite tell what it is... oh, wait! that's probably why I love it! :-)

    Good of you to write so honestly about the days when you feel like crawling in a hole... and then also about how you manage to crawl back out again... and then how you soar!! (I'm sure we can all relate to this cycle in some way.) Your EXCITEMENT must be contagious because now we ALL can't wait for the unveiling on Monday!

    Oh, and you really captured the light nicely in the foliage shot -- looks like Eucalyptus with Laurel Sumac in the background?


  11. something tells me it really wasn't about...
    the "un"circling issue,
    all about...
    the "un"fortunate loss,
    THE EGG.

    your recreation is one of the most beautiful pieces (next to O'Keefe, i have ever seen)

    with love,

  12. we all need a loss to
    appreciate the gains.

    sometimes it's best when we are forced to

    and look at how excited you are from the result!
    i'm happy for you.
    rock out!!

  13. Hi Priscilla!!
    Sometimes it just helps to stop thinking about it. It's like a handful of smoke anyways.

    Harsi, The third image is a painting bryce started. It looks like he carefully painted the blocks then threw mud on it, emotion.

    I'm wiping my palms and my brain Nancy of the former drama. When things are good it's time to rejoice.
    I love you back.

    I agree SJ since you are a musician you know the best songs are written when emotions are deep.
    The best art comes from the soul.

  14. Ah, those blank page days.... lately when I have one it feels like a sigh of relief:
    I get to go do something mundane, fun and unwrap my mind from the work of creating.

    It's the unwrapping part that takes time and courage!!! :)

    I cannot wait to see the glory of your Monday work!


  15. I'm dreaming in turquoise again Allison. That's a good sign :)

    We all need to learn when to fold sometimes, that's important..