Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seeking Solitude

I awoke feeling quiet and greedy for nature today. Yesterday was gray and drizzly which always adorns things in shameless beauty.

I walked up to look for the owl but I could'nt find him. I decided to explore his neighborhood instead.

So I found a nice big patch of lupine and sat down.

The canyon is narrow and deep, the sound of water, a small spilling creek, birds.

A shadow washes over me and I know who has come...

I look up and find the redtail gracing me with outstretched wings, tips slightly bowed, circling , rising.

New work can now be found here.
xo Ro


  1. I needed this little dewy, damp, cool hike this morning Ro! Jo's cute little tongue taking a drink of sweet, life, water!
    ((Hugs to you)) and a tickle on Jo's head from me!

  2. Okay, am I the only one imagining the damp feeling of SITTING in a patch of wet lupine?????

    Teeheeee! Sorry--I would just love to go sit out on the ground right now!

    Most glorious photos of purple, gold and green--all splashed with fresh drizzle--better than diamonds! I'm so happy you shared....

    And LUPINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh!!

  3. Xo all!

    I came home soaking wet and muddy so did Jo. I changed and Banjo stayed outside :P

  4. Lovely & peaceful. I love the combination of stones & imagery in your most recent rings, they are very amazing!!! xoxo

  5. Hello Priscilla, It was so peaceful I wanted to spend the day.

    Thank you!!!


  6. I've had many days recently of sitting myself down in patches of lupine and/or poppies too -- you captured the experience quite well. You always do.

    Photo of Jo lapping water is definitely priceless!

    Hey, Ro, do you mind if I pass on your gorgeous moth photo to a fellow insect-enthusiast friend of mine? I He might be able to give us a name for this lovely... :-)

  7. such a lovely morning, i felt i was there too. this is something i love to do as well.
    happy wednesday ro :)

  8. Hello Harsi, I'm just loving this drizzle! Please pass on the photo I would love to learn what that gorgeous lacy moth's name is...xoxo

    I figured you did LorI that's why I love your blog, have a lovely day!