Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lets Take a Wander

I am apt to stroll more leisurely when the sun takes a break, still I find it hard to trust our often flimsy clouds.

Hello Peter, it must be spring. This is just one of the reasons Banjo is on a leash, though she has been trained ad nauseam she cannot be trusted not to chase a squirrel or rabbit. She wants it but will walk quietly by when she's leased.

Eucalyptus buttons from the same tree host Christmas colors, some green some red.

The same tree hosts a hawks nest with a hawk hunkering low on eggs now.
(click to enlarge)

I walk by the owls tree but he was out for the morning. Lovely sibling flowers, similar but different.

The gray above was sporting a gaping hole with the sun drilling though which made my stroll turn into a canter. Good thing the door slammed shut again, these hills are steep. I try to avoid the sun.


lanterns :)

jingle bell pods from a different eucalyptus, Australian Christmas

The sounds of birds, too many to identify, the thrumming of wings as they dart this way and that. The tap, tapp ing of quail like a chasing hammer on hollow metal, followed by the sudden cheerleader cry, wonderful under this low ceiling, bouncing off the steep canyon walls.

The rusted faucet handle sound of the Towhee.
Birds have personalities, some are flitty, some more stoic the towhee is just sweet. I heard a rock star, turned birder (in his older age) proclaim "nothing fills my heart like spotting a California Towhee" Well bring your hefty bag heart, towhees are as common as can be and love to be watched. Mona had a quote on her blog about viewing the world with new eyes, amazing what a little knowledge will do.

Banjo found a big nest, possibly a deers nest :)

I think of the word "brush"...........

.....and snack on a few ripe currants the birds missed.

Speaking of food, the lowly mustard makes a delicious treat before it blooms. It tastes just like broccoli both wearing the same jeans, genes.
* fyi
A large family of herbs, the Cruciferae (Brassicaceae), characterized by pungent juice and four-petaled flowers arranged in a cross and including important vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, radishes, and watercress.

I took in the water ballet, checked on the nymphs then headed home to a house that now felt too warm.

Wear your best accessory today, one that looks just perfect in everyone, it doesn't matter how young or old, how tall or short, how big or small, a smile looks perfect on everyone, they're contagious you know.

Best wishes all, Love, Ro and Jo


  1. Well, if I wasn't already wearing a smile -- I am now! xo

    Another amazing walk, Miss Ro... HA! You fooled me! For a second there, I actually thought those eucalyptus CAPS were red and green CABS for new rings you were designing. And "jingle bell pods" are the perfect name for those other ones... I haven't been able to resist picking up a few of those for my own pockets in the past... so perfectly crafted!

    "Rusted faucet handle sound" -- so funny! I've always referred to that Spotted Towhee call as the "creaking door"... variations on the same theme... I like yours better.

    It's warm enough for the Water Striders to be out again? Thank you for the heads-up, I will have to go and check the creek!

  2. Such amazing scenery that you captured beautifully...thank you for the smile reminder as I repeat for the umpteenth time the same experiment...sigh, I must get out! xo

  3. It's such a lovely sky for seeing today Harsi. I reserve the squeaky hinge fir the dopey doves wings.

    Aww Mona thanks for doing your good work, we need you!!! I'm wondering if your smiling with a breathing mask on.

    *I'm imagining you looking at slides or dripping something on to a glass tray or maybe???? who knows working on the Mars rover :)

  4. What a perfect day for me to join in on a hike like this....along the trail :) . We have cool, cloudy weather here with a cold rain. Why is it the colder the rain, the higher the percentage of times the drops manages to go down our necks?!

    Have never seen eucalyptus buttons or lanterns....VERY cool.

    We have the Eastern Towhee around here. The males are very handsome dudes with their rich rufous-orange sides and white bellies. They really can forage up quite a ruckus with their "double-scratch" technique -- in their searches for insects and seeds under leaves. I have described one's call as "metallic."

    I want to tell you something funny, Ro. A very different idea popped into my head when you were telling us to wear our best accessory today. My very first thought was to wear a piece of your jewelry!!!!! Thought I'd cover the bases though, and wear BOTH today!!!


  5. I love the water ballet...the most adorable bunny and the nest that Banjo found! Ro...your days are filled with absolute wonder! ♥

  6. I enjoyed the wonderful sights & commentary along your trail today!! I imagine all the sounds are really amazing too. I've never seen a towhee, they are so round :) Thanks! xo

  7. Lisa I've seen and heard your Towhees online they look very similar to the rufus ones we have here. I think it's amazing how many different sound birds are able to make, some really do sound metallic, some sound like water. How interesting to just stand with your eyes closed and treat your ears. Well, jewelry does look better with a smile! xoxoxo

    Wondering and wondering never stop Sue xoxo

    I'm laughing Priscilla, yes they are round, and extra round with the least bit of chill! xoxo

  8. For any of you gals living outside of CA that have ever wondered what it sounds like to walk in these hills... one bird call that is almost always present is the Wrentit. A small and shy little bird, but a song that fills the air and bounces down canyons... Just found this cool video and thought I'd share it:

  9. Harsi, you never cease to amaze me. Just finished listening to, and then reading about the Wrentit in one of my bird books (since you sparked my interest). Pairs mate for life and might never stray from their territory of an acre or two. Also some individuals have lived as long as 12 years :) Thanks, Harsi.

    P.S. Ro, meant to say how much I liked Wooden Boats from yesterday!

  10. You live in such a beautiful place. Thank you so much for sharing all your beautiful photos with this city girl. It's like a little breathing hole for me!

  11. I looked it up too Harsi. There's so many brown and gray birds I have no idea what they are. I took a picture of this wren this morning up in Evie. I'll remember them slowly, one at a time.

    Good to know Lisa, I like it too!

    Tess, hike along any time, b r e a t h e !