Thursday, April 21, 2011


"Tribute to the Owl"
I designed a new pair of earring for my shop yesterday while waiting in the doctors office.

A very rude and agitated man came in after me and started making unreasonable demands on the young receptionist. If there's one thing I won't tolerate it's a bully. I was writing my check when he sidled up next to me and began another string of rabid demands, I turned to him and asked him to calm down, when he yelled in my face, I'm not talking to you, I replied you're not "talking" to anyone.........argh#@***^@! s o m e p e o p l e !! the way they navigate though life never ceases to amaze me.

I was there to have my blood pressure checked so I knew I needed to settle down, I turned my check over and entered the world of jewelry design. I became lost in my thoughts far away from the waiting room with powder blue carpeting.

It was late when I finished these so I took them outside in the dimming light for a better shot. The wonderful larger faceted agate beads are mined near Kramers Junction or "the four corners" section of the Mojave Desert. I bought them several years back from an elderly prospector. It's fun finding and using local materials, these agates are in various colors from brown to white and everything in between, the color of the great horned owl.

Laura stopped by in the even dimmer light, still this is a good representation of scale.

Announcement; My shop will be closed next week, I've been invited on a camping trip to Mesa Verde in Colorado, where I'll be hiking and photographing and enjoying a spring break with friends. Eric will stay home and work as our garden show draws near. I'll bring my computer but I never have any idea if I'll have the power :)

In the mean time have a lovely day today, xo Ro

*I'll be adding these new dangles today and working on a few more


  1. Oh boy some people! I have a part time day job in retail, and I honestly think the average person has NO idea how much crap retail/service industry staff get thrown at them on a daily basis. I have been screamed at, threatened, had my intelligence insulted, and had sexist comments thrown my way more times than I can count.
    And we honestly LOVE it when someone stands up for us (since we often can't because of the confines of our job) So good karma to you!!

    The earrings are lovely - so glad something beautiful could come from an ugly situation :-)

  2. I swear - it amazes me how rude some people can be...I am so glad you said something to him but it probably went right over his head.

    The earrings are the etchings. Have a wonderful vacation.

  3. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! And look at the beautiful earrings that resulted from the encounter...perhaps he needs a pair???


    I love the softness of these, in the colors and textures....ah, Ro, see what you did to his anger??!!!?!??!!!!!!! Wow!

    Happy camping!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Go unplugged at Mesa Verde. The ancients have much to say there....

  4. Some people are so demanding & rude, they behave as though whatever they want, whatever is on their mind should be of overriding importance to EVERYONE else. Ugh. You were so right to stand up to that bully. I usually just fume internally. & you channeled all that annoyance into some wonderful wonderful earrings!! That's inspiring! xo

  5. Hi Ro
    oh dear, there is nothing worse than running into a rude stranger. Kudos for standing up to that bully. Years ago when I worked at a front desk, greeting people, I was AMAZED how many people talked down to me, and were rude. I had to "take it" cause it was my job.
    So I thank you for speaking out for that poor girl sitting there! I'm sure she appreciated you!
    Aren't you glad you can go home and be quiet before your treasures, and let your heart and mind flow out in creativity thru your fingers, to create such beauty.!
    I sure am glad!
    Have a WONDERFUL time in Colorado! See you at your spring show!

  6. How rude......and you created something so beautiful after such a horrid encounter!
    What a jerk!

  7. Did you sketch this out on the back of a check blank??? :-)

    You're such a resourceful artist!!!!

  8. Wow...what an experience! I experienced something similar in my favorite pet store once where a customer kept yelling at the owner because they had gotten the wrong leash...I had to stay there just to make sure he would not shoot her...aaahhh....on the other hand you found great inspiration in your own world....a trip sounds just the right medicine xoxo

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with what all the other good ladies here have already said. I too have been stuck behind the counter doing customer service and forced to be polite to people who do NOT deserve such courtesies. It's not that we don't all get angry and fume at times, but those people who feel that need to broadcast their grievances and pollute the psyches of everyone around them... well, I can't understand that. Hope it didn't negatively effect your BP.

    The earrings are beautiful and VERY unique -- a fitting tribute to our enchanting owls. Brava! For channeling the light when confronted with something bleak. Hoping you have an excellent trip. Can't wait to see the desert through your eyes!

  10. Have a wonderful trip. I hope it inspires you and keeps your BP in good ranges...
    These are just lovely.

  11. We've all been on one end or the other with these bad apples, still they don't spoil the rest of the bunch. Drawing is always calming for me even in a room with a raging bull.

    Yes Caroline it's the back of my check that was electronically entered and handed back.

    I did get pretty far on more earrings like these but I ended up spending most of the day with Bryce going "commando" on parts of my garden.

    Have a lovely evening everybody, xo

  12. Oh my these are just gorgeous. You are incredibly talented Rochelle. I really love your work. And the great horned owl! we have been lucky enough to camp near a nest 2 years in a row now! i love their hooty hoot hoot through the night!

    Have a wonderful time, that is a beautiful place.

  13. Beautiful Earrings! I hope you enjoy your vacation next week! Whenever we have patients that "go off" on us we try to remember that there maybe a medical reason for their behavior. But, I have to say there are days when even that doesn't work. I'm so gratefuly for my co workers and how we support each other.

  14. Hi Ro --

    I laughed so hard at what you wrote! In my neck of the woods, going "commando," means wearing no underwear!!!!!!! I thought "This is really none of my business." (Not really, I'm trying to be funny.) lol!!

    I practically fell out of my chair when I read that you and Bryce went "commando" in parts of your garden. He heeeeeeee!

    P.S. I'm echoing what everyone else says about the owl earrings.......BEAUTIFUL!

    P.P.S. Sorry about the raging bull :(


  15. The bull was there with his 21 year old son demanding he be seen immediately without identifying himself and in front of everyone else. He was a lunatic.

    Nope I had underwear on Lisa but I can't vogue for Bryce LOL!!!

  16. HA! I thought the exact same things as Lisa, but was too chicken to say so. I just sat and giggled to myself about the whole "commando" comment thing. Lisa's my hero for admitting to her juvenile sense of humor! Underwear is overrated anyway... well, bras, at least. (I suppose I shouldn't complain, eh, Ro? Remembering those insane get-ups the gals in Jane Eyre had to endure...) XOXO

  17. Hey where did you too go to school :)