Wednesday, April 20, 2011


night stand before

and after.

I saw a woman using this on a gallery wall. It really is magic, now I can't live without it.
Have a great day all, xo Ro


  1. Hi, Ro-

    Your new pieces are exquisite! I love each and every one of them.....each one is really something.

    Thanks too for all the beautiful photos you shared from last time :)

    I actually have "The Children's Blizzard" in my pile too. What are the odds??!!

    And I absolutely agree with the Mr. Clean sponge. I've turned a lot of people on to it. (Should we buy stock in Mr. Clean?) :)

    xoxo and happy rest of your week!

  2. Mr. C is now on my grocery list.
    How about that Annie Proux. Have you read the Accordian player?

  3. Hi Ro!
    I know, I can't live without the magic eraser too! What a great product, it cleans without toxic stuff! Love how it works on my refrigerator...
    Your spring clean looks great!
    I would rather look at something pretty, than a clock anyday..tee hee

  4. Teeheeee--this is GREAT motivation--I've been looking around at my surroundings and feeling the need to SHED.

    And I know I have one of those scrubbers, but I've never used I'm curious....

    Enjoy your breathing space and order!!

  5. Okay, now I see the other comments--Songbird, The Children's Blizzard hits HOME here on the prairie--some of the book is set in the area where my mom grew up in SD--several other locations have been my former stomping grounds--we get conditions similar to that sometimes--that book is FANTASTIC--weather is developed as a character.

    However, if you still have snow, WAIT. I've read it twice--once during the summer and again last December--it's easier to take in the summer....


  6. btw, love the rock and shell, love, love...I might borrow that idea for some of mine....

  7. That IS remarkable Lisa! I'm like Caroline and read it when it's hot out, I'm finding it very interesting. Oh anything that makes cleaning easier and the Mr has an earring!

    You're gonna love it Juli it sands the dirt and grime away Ha hhaa! Not the best commercial line. Yes Accordion Crimes was wonderful and naturally The Shipping News.

    Those flowers smell amazing too Deb.

    Thank you for the book Caroline and the review. I was gifted the shells from the East coast so I mingled them from the West all in a glass block, they make wonderful vases and containers.

    I'm excited about Water for Elephants, it was a wonderful book and the movie looks really good. If you haven't read it you should.


  8. I love Before/After shots... I'm not sure why... I guess there's something really satisfying about TRANSFORMATION (even on a small scale).

    I'm busy inching my way through "Cutting for Stone"... I've hardly scratched the surface, but enjoyable thus far!

    Mr. Clean scrubby-thing added to my list of things to check-out... Thanks.