Monday, April 4, 2011

Deep Grays and Blues are the Colors I Choose

Luckily our raised temperatures were brief, the gray skies returned over this busy weekend. Eric and I had planned to head up the coast but our plans fell through which actually worked out good because my best friend for over thirty years came to town. We had a nice visit, lots of laughs and catching up, lunch, crab cakes, salad and beer out on the patio.

I did some hiking, taking advantage of the clouds. Things are starting to dry in the hills, pointy and dangerous corkscrew seeds made their way into Marts mambo pants. Soon he wont be able to walk up there, the grass is taller than he is and everything sticks in his fur.

*Non shedding dogs are wonderful in the house but the hair is not like regular fur. Since it doesn't shed it tangles and mats like human hair, frequent brushing is required. Short haired dogs shed as much if not more than long haired dogs.
*enough with these silly dog breeds make a short haired dog that doesn't shed and count me in.

There was music.......

....and soul singers.

Mocking birds tussled.....(mated?)

Lots of goldfinches are coming to the garden to bathe.

There was cooking........ pasta with sweet caramelized onions, sprinkled with roasted panko (Japanese breadcrumbs). Roasted panko in garlic and olive oil is delicious sprinkled on pasta dishes, casseroles, roasted chicken.

* 1/2 cup panko 1 tbs olive oil, a clove of garlic or two, combine with a dash of salt in sm. bowl. Spread mixture in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake at 375 for a total of 6 mins, stirring after 3 or until golden brown, let cool.
*panko is available at Trader Joes
*nothing smells like lovein' like garlic in the oven!

Naturally there was cleaning....

And pruning, digging, sweeping, snipping, tying, fertilizing.

There's always enough to do in the garden this time of year. I went to the nursery for seeds and resisted tomato week.

The rewards are always worth the effort.
*Never is hard work without rewards or rewards without hard work.

I finished several more pairs of "filling my pockets" earrings and completed a few custom orders. Now it's time to start the week.
I like hearing what you did over the weekend. What did you do?


  1. I love that James Taylor song, Ro... I felt it only fitting to put it on and listen while I type. :-)

    Your house and garden are looking great... and so is your food! Happy to hear that your weekend was so full of good times.

    As you know, much of my weekend was spent feeling crappy, but before that started, I spent Saturday morning at the Claremont Colleges' Field Station with one of the professors, Nancy. I've been helping her to photograph, document and ID the insect population there. For those who don't like "bugs" perhaps not a thrilling outing, but we have a great time and it was a beautiful day to be out, with a liberal helping of birds and wildflowers to keep me grinning.

    Then, came the "no fun" part... but I rallied a bit on Sunday night and we hit the kitchen to make a delicious cream of broccoli soup -- totally hit the spot!

    P.S. Sorry to hear that the season of Mart trekking the hills with you is coming to a close. :-(

  2. Hi Ro, enjoyed your weekend photos & activities. Your mention of Martin's mambo pants is so funny! but a perfect description. In particular, I remember a photo of him from behind at the house where you stayed in Tucson. I visited a nursery this weekend too. I hope I got some plants that will enjoy or at least survive the relentless heat/humidity (both day & night) this summer. xo

  3. Harsi you entomologist you! The field station sounds like an excellent way to spend the day. Cooking when you don't feel well is difficult. I hope you're feeling better today.

    Good thing for Mart he can be carried.

    Hi Priscilla, I really wanted to name Mart "Mambo" for obvious reasons but by the time I got him his name was already ingrained in my head. His real name is Martini (gag) I am not responsible :) He's pretty adorable and a good little doggie.UGH SUMMER, do we really have to :(

  4. Sounds perfect! Lunch -- crab cakes, salad, beer and laughter :) Checked out the link you so nicely provided with the you have a fave of those listed?

    Lovely, beautiful photos.

    And we will want to know when you give in to those tomato plants!! lol

    Let's see...the weekend? It involved errands, exercising, movies with Cara (& and her beau, Matt), Chinese food, the usual leisurely breakfast with my dad (& that of course means the highly-addictive NY Times Sunday puzzle!!), and work at the bookstore. Time flew WAY too fast :o(.

    Hope you get just the weather today that you would "order" .......if you could.

    P.S. Charlie and Sully don't seem to shed. They might have relatives that would like to live in CA.

  5. I'm glad you asked Lisa. If you like dark beer the first one the abt 12. I'm not kidding it's the best beer I've ever had. I buy it at a Belgian pub here in town but my friend from Texas looked it up online and they carry it at Bevmo. I'm not sure if you have that store where you live I'm sure we have one somewhere.

    I agree the weekend was too short. What movie did you see?

    Dear Charles and Sullypie are Bichones which are indeed non shedders which is nice when it comes to vacuuming.

    I always think of you on Sunday and know you're doing the crosswords, mmmmm Sunday breakfastttttttt......Eric and I had ours in the garden.

  6. salut
    looks like you
    had alot more fun than me
    have been mourning
    the loss of my trusty pc
    and rebuilding a new one
    a surefire way to get stressed
    if ever there were
    on the road to recovery now


  7. Wow, that pasta dish looks good! It's on the menu for next Sunday's dinner.
    Last Sunday's dinner was a celebration of my younger brother's birthday and we made black truffle pommes frites!
    Saturday was spent doing barn chores and kissing horse noses.

    My french bulldogs shed like crazy and they are short haired and a very silly little breed, indeed. They also snore. Shorthaired, snoring, shedders.
    Don't put your umbrella away yet! Rain is coming!

  8. Hi Linda,

    I'm glad you're back up and running, talk about stress!!!!! xo

    Cyn I'm coming to your house for dinner!! Sauté onions and put garlic in the oven and the house smells like love :)

    Barn chores and soft horses noses, doesn't get much better than that. I wish you were my neighbor, horse manure is my favorite fertilizer.

    My girlfriend that was out visiting has several Frenchies adorable , snorable shedders for sure. If you have not tried the furminator rake you should get one. They work wonders on short haired dogs.

    I walked this morning with my umbrella for the sun and vowed if it did rain I would walk without it :)

  9. ...Nothing nearly as pretty as this...
    But this inspired me for next weekend! Though I'll be photographing snow...Still.
    I did plant some seeds in my wee indoor greenhouses though...Anticipation...

    LOVE the artwork in your kitchen. Fabulous!

  10. Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that?