Thursday, April 14, 2011


I wasn't going to walk this morning but I had company so I changed my mind. I decided on a steep and narrow canyon and set my thoughts on blue.



azure butterfly

blue eyes

pride of madera


The Blue
You can have Egypt and Nantucket.
The only place I want to visit is The Blue,
not the Wild Blue Yonder that seduces pilots,
but that zone where the unexpected dwells,
waiting to come out of it in the shape of bolts.

I want to walk its azure perimeter
where the unanticipated is coiled, on the mark,
ready to spring into the predicitable homes of earth.

I want to stroll through the pale indigo light
examining all the accidents about to rocket into time,
all the forgotten names about to fly from tongues.

I will scrutinize all the surprises of the future
and watch the brainstorms gathering darkly,
ready to hit the heads of inventors
laboring in their crackpot shacks.

A jaded traveler with an invisible passport,
I am at home with this heaven of the unforeseen,
waiting for the next whoosh of sudden departure
when, with no advance warning, to tiny augery,
the unpredictable plummets into our lives
from somewhere that looks like sky.

* Billy Collins

You never know thats where we may end up.... xo Ro


  1. Azure, Indigo, blue...adore blue! xoxo

  2. I want to see the Redwood forests up here through your eyes: if you ever travel this way, please join me :)

  3. I want to stroll through the pale indigo light too! I love it when the trees filter their colors backed by blue, all colors blue!
    can someone say Blue Chalcedony? tee hee.

  4. Very funny, Debbie!!!!!

    Ro, you have FLAX!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh, I love the blue of flax.

    Thanks for being blue a joyful way!

  5. blue in any shade feels so good Mona, calming, cool...

    YES Allison , that golden light sifting thorough those magnificent giants!

    Heee hee Yes LOVE the chalcedony in shades of blue, as you know.

    Anytime Caroline, I got the blues :) Yes the flax is blooming everywhere in my garden, it's one of those fantastic weeds uhhum, wildflowers.

  6. Ro, what a wonderful poem & blue is my favorite color!

    Thanks to Harsi for the wrentit link!! I loved hearing (& seeing them).


  7. I was scrolling through this post, marveling at all the wonderful shades of blue/purple that you managed to capture... but, of course, I had to go back and click on the bird photo to get an enlarged view, and -- WHAT??!! -- it's a male Black-headed Grosbeak! I have been searching the hillsides around my place for them on every walk because I knew their arrival was imminent... What a pleasant surprise to discover the first one of the year is right here, sittin' pretty on your blog. :-)

    The butterfly is beautiful, Ro... wonderfully captured.

    Hi, Priscilla! :-) So glad you liked that video... The person who posted it seems to actually be from Oregon, but there is a lot of cross-over in the species seen there and here. You should check out some of her other videos -- they're all fun! I found a Black-headed Grosbeak one:

  8. I think I only met one person ever that didn't like blue. I was shocked, it's the color of the sky and jeans and turquoise after all :)

  9. I really think the only time I would like to live in California is this time of year when you have COLOR and we have brown. Beautiful!