Friday, April 1, 2011


Earth Your Dancing Place

Beneath heaven's vault
remember always walking
through halls of cloud
down aisles of sunlight
or through high hedges
of the green rain
walk in the world
highheeled with swirl of cape
hand at the swordhilt
of your pride
Keep a tall throat
Remain aghast at life

Enter each day
as upon a stage
lighted and waiting
for your step
Crave upward as flame
have keenness in the nostril
Give your eyes
to agony or rapture

Train your hands
as birds to be
brooding or nimble
Move your body
as the horses
sweeping on slender hooves
over crag and prairie
with fleeing manes
and aloofness of their limbs

Take earth for your own large room
and the floor of earth
carpeted with sunlight
and hung round with silver wind
for your dancing place

* May Swenson

xo Ro


  1. Woahh! This entire poem is brilliant, but especially the last two stanzas, which filled me (as good poetry often does) with the a deep love for the world and a wish that I too could capture it so perfectly with mere words.

    Thank you, Ro. For picking your poems with such care and sharing them with all of us.

    (Should get cooler after today! Keeping my fingers crossed for that bit of rain they're forecasting this weekend.)

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem.

  3. Don't you love it Harsi! I posted it before, it's wonderful.....

    Thank you for sharing it too Nicole.

  4. i can't wait to see all the spring flowers in bloom here.. such a lovely bouquet for beautiful words.

  5. train your hands as birds to be.
    very beautiful.

  6. Always a pleasure to read the poetry you pick out :)

    Love your collection -- courtesy of ol' Mother Nature. I especially like your nest and egg (is that Bryce's egg?)!

    Have a great weekend (they go SO fast) ~


  7. I love this poem too.

    Lisa!!!!! I broke the blue egg!! I nearly cried. This is a little nest that blew down a couple years ago and an egg I found while hiking another spring and a feather I found somewhere and flowers I picked in my garden.


  8. Ahhhh its a GOOOD day! After being down in bed for a few days with a horrible cold, its wonderful to turn on the computer and see you Ro! I've missed my daily hikes along the trail.
    LOVE the picture and poem today. I went outside and lifted my arms to the sun and said THANK YOU!
    sigh, so good to be alive.