Sunday, March 27, 2011

what joy

Last Night the Rain Spoke to Me

Last night

the rain

spoke to me

slowly, saying,

what joy

to come falling

out of the brisk cloud,

to be happy again

in a new way

on the earth!

That’s what it said

as it dropped,

smelling of iron,

and vanished

like a dream of the ocean

into the branches

and the grass below.

Then it was over.

The sky cleared.

I was standing

under a tree.

The tree was a tree

with happy leaves,

and I was myself,

and there were stars in the sky

that were also themselves

at the moment

at which moment

my right hand

was holding my left hand

which was holding the tree

which was filled with stars

and the soft rain –

imagine! imagine!

the long and wondrous journeys

still to be ours.

Mary Oliver

(What Do We Know)


  1. AND what beauty!

    spring here has taken a detour...

    but it's on the way!

  2. How does she do it?! How does Mary Oliver find such simple words to express such deep and longing emotions for such timeless things? I love her, and I love Ro for posting this poem today.

    Your garden looks like it couldn't be happier to be covered in raindrops (not to mention your toes!!). My canyon friends also seem especially happy to have so much precipitation lately... BUT, I took a quick look this morning to see how the newts were doing and was a bit disappointed. When last I checked on them, they were congregating (and mating!) in large numbers in fairly slow-moving pools in the creek. With all this recent rain though, the creek is rushing once again and those calm pools are now awash with fast-moving water. :-( I still was able to easily find a newt or two, but the wet, cold weather seems to have put a damper on their social and (ahem!) more intimate activities.

  3. Your toes and blossoms all look joyful themselves at the touch of raindrops--how lovely!!

    And what a wonderful collection in the top photo--most intriguing....

    I agree with Harsi--Mary Oliver is astounding, and YOU are wonderful for sharing her words here!!


  4. The rain is so inspiring, i've been crafting watery things :)

    Hang on tight Nancy it's coming

    I don't know how she does it either but we all have gifts, it's fun to borrow share and receive with friends.

    I love you :) Ro

    I'll see you in the morning Harsi with my camera to check out and share the activity in your canyon.

  5. Ro, now I know why I'm not sleeping..too much rain here in the Portland area. My mind won't shut down at night... I heard on the news this weekend we've only had 1 day in March without rain. It's very green and gray today. I'll chose to be happy about the green and ignore the gray! Lovely poem! Thank you for sharing.
    Have a great sunday evening! Evie

  6. fantastic pictures! i love the water droplets on the back of the leaf... and the toes in the green, green grass. lovely.

  7. I ADORE all the pinks, purples, blues and greens in your photos.......stunning photography. And I am partial too to those little "pigs" in the grass! lol

    Have a great time spying on the newts with Harsi of the hills :o)

  8. Beautiful Photos, And so inspiring.. I loved the poem..

    Next week I think spring will finally be here to stay.. It started out nice, but then came the snow.. Sunny warm days are coming soon :)

    Have a lovely week

  9. Beautiful..and you have a set of very organized toes! ; )

  10. I know Evie our relative up there is crying uncle too, way too much :(

    The photo is the real color SJ very strange and striking.

    Piggies indeed Song..oink :)

    You prairie dweller sure don't know when to quit with the snow Juli. I hope you're feeling better every day.

    Mona you crack me up!

    Don't ya love it Deb xo