Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend this and that

Hello everybody! The weekend here was wonderful and full. On Friday we celebrated a birthday (happy birthday Lauren). Sat I went in early for a hair cut then went to see a French film with my girlfriend. It was a beautiful thought provoking film about faith, community and dedication. I must add that it was also arduous and painful and it felt good to be out in the open air afterwards so we went to the Belgian pub sat outside under the outdoor heaters and discussed what we had just experienced. I ran into my sister and niece there and found out said sister was buying a restaurant, a lifelong dream (the things you learn when you leave your cloistered studio :) We traveled up the mountain, had dinner with friends and celebrated another birthday.

My winter garden is spilling forth . I've been building salads with all the fresh greens and the last of the blood oranges. If you like to make vinaigrette you should try this. O makes several citrus infused oils that are wonderful, local and delicious, blood orange is my absolute favorite.

We've been under cloud cover, those relaxing galvanized skies and never did see that big moon but the rain came down by the bucket and bathtub yesterday which was lovely, it slowed my pace. I finished a sweet book worked on orders while I listened to NPR. (oh no Garrison Keihler is retiring in 2013) I listened to my favorite show called "Being" that turned out to be exceptionally beautiful yesterday. The show was first broadcast during the gulf oil crisis which lent itself perfectly to the current news events, Joanna Macy was the guest, click the link to listen to the program or if you don't have time she'll read one of several beautiful poems. I will listen again today, sometimes with tools an hammering you miss a stitch.

We ushered in the official date of spring which is also the official date of my brothers birthday. Happy birthday Damien! I had a wonderful weekend and I'm ready for this week.

How was yours? What book is on your night stand?

xo Ro


  1. What a wonderful post, Ro, and what a stupendous storm we had yesterday! We had our weekly Sunday dinner at my dear old mother's home and the ocean was incredibly turbulent with waves crashing over the jetty. All the seabirds were taking shelter.
    Alexander McCall Smith is one of my favorites and I will be sure to read the book you referred to.
    On my nightstand right now? I am reading a Lord Peter Wimsey novel; sometimes a good mystery is hard to resist.

  2. Ro...your weekend sounds delightful...ours was peaceful and relaxing..ending with a Sunday night dinner out with Mom at a very nice resturant...had 2 Limetini's and scallops...and chocolate souffle(which i have a to die for recipe for if i can dig it up)....great stuff! Happy Birthday Lauren! What was your french movie? i love that stuff.Sue♥

  3. A weekend of birthdays and lovely gray skies--wow!!! Lots to celebrate in your part of the world...including a bountiful garden.


    My weekend was all about basketball, the ND Class B state girls tournament--all the music snips they play at time-outs and during warm-ups still pounding through my head. :-)

    I just bought that book--looked irresistible!!

    On my stand--Tinkers and an awesome YA novel Countdown by the lovely Deborah Wiles--and a few others because I read too many at once....

    Happy Monday! Your peaceful photos offer a lovely respite today.

  4. What a yummy blog today sweet Ro!
    mmmmn love the salad!
    I enjoyed the spring/felt like winter/ rain so much! Snuggled down with popcorn and a movie yesterday. Perfect.

  5. It sounds like a perfect Sunday Cyn at the beach with your mother and turbulent weather for spice. Yes sometimes a mystery is just the thing.

    Sue a Sunday with mom to cherish, I wish I still had mine. The food sounds delightful! The film was "Of God and Men" click the link for the trailer.

    You're weekends are always so rich Caroline and your gluttony for reading is admirable. I know you will love *La, short for Lavender. I must check out your books and thinking YA? is for young adult (we are mere mortals) xo

    HI DEB! Yes the salads are wonderful. March can be very rainful and I'm delighted about that. Your weekend sounds snugly and wonderful.

    I had a nice studio day, the rain came and went and I proceeded slow and steady......xo

  6. Ro your weekend sounds perfect to me!

    I had a special weekend too. My husband, youngest daughter and I were in RI prepping my in-laws empty house to rent. My middle daughter took a train from Boston to join us.
    After our chores were done, we had fun walking the "Cliff walk" at sunset. We saw Loons, Buffleheads an Eiders.
    We had wonderful sunny days and cloudless nights. Watched the "super moon" rise. Beautiful.

    My "Boston daughter" and I celebrated our birthdays together. She brought daffodils to me. : )
    We had such a fun night together sitting on the floor playing a new card game she taught us.

    On our way home we dropped her off in Boston after a trip to Trader Joe's for all our favorite things. ( We don't have a TJ's in Western NY).
    It was hard to say goodbye after so much fun together.
    We will see her again when she graduates in May.... not too far off.

    On my night stand..."The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein.
    I haven't gotten too far along, so far I love it. It's about a sweet dog named Enzo.

    Have a good week.
    Happy spring!

  7. How fun to read all about every body's weekend, love that!

  8. I'm reading a neat book you might like called "Atlas of Remote Islands" by Judith Schalansky. It's a guide to small little islands all over the world. Each island gets two pages; one is a map of the island, the other is a little write-up about the island. The islands are real. The small stories that Schalansky writes to accompany each island -- well, maybe they're true and maybe they're not. It's a magical book.

  9. Late to the party again, but I too loved hearing about everybody's weekend and reading lists. (Special thanks to Sharon for her book recommendation, which I think I will find quite interesting. Also, loved hearing about the birds on Cinder's sunset walk -- eiders are on my list of birds I'd love to be able to see some day!)

    So sorry that you missed out on seeing the moon -- I got lucky and managed to see it just as it crested over the foothills of the canyon. Beautiful!

    It really must be the time of year for birthdays I guess... My mom shares the same birthday as your brother, Ro! We took her and my dad out to dinner Sunday night, despite how wet it was. It really has been raining buckets here -- we even got a heaping helping of hail at my house today, enough to pick-up and make little icy snowballs with! :-)

    I've always got a few field guides and reference books lying around, but I don't have any novels in the works right now because I intend to borrow "Cutting for Stone" from Ro as soon as I can arrange to pick up her copy! ;-) Oh, BTW, I have bookmarked the fantastic olive oil website (yum) and downloaded the Macy interview to listen to later. Thanks for all the great stuff, Ro! You're the best!

  10. Lucky You...What a wonderful life you lead. :)
    I just ate but now i want salad and cake!
    I am reading "Plan Bee", "London, The Novel" and the newest Living Etc. magazine...I love Alexander McCall Smith, so readable and fun...
    Have a wonderful Day Rochelle.

  11. Happy spring -- love the lighting in the first photo. Can we find a modern day Old Dutch Master to paint it? lol

    I am reading How to Live (or A Life of Montaigne) by Sarah Bakewell, and Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz. (I also usually have 2-3 going and a "bedside table pile" callin' my name also!)

    Thumbs up for that SALAD!!!!!!!!


  12. Hi, I'm visiting here from Crow-nology. Your jewellery is absolutely gorgeous. I will begin saving my pennies immediately. Bedside books - I just finished Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking (for the second time), I am compelled by stories of coping with grief and I'm currently reading Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff and The Wave by Susan Casey (both are very good). I guess I'm partial to non-fiction. Although in the last few months I've read both of Jonathan Franzen's books and Strangers at the Feast - all fantastic. xo from far away Nova Scotia xo Susan

  13. Thank you all so much for sharing your weekends and reading material. I'm hoping to get to the library today as tomorrow I'll be in the dentist office all day. I'll be in desperate need of an escape route though reading and pulling those clouds out of my pocket for sure tomorrow.