Thursday, March 17, 2011


Fresh produce and flowers from the garden of love available here.

xo farmer Ro


  1. Beautiful!!! You alway inspire me!

  2. I hope by the time you read this, your back is feeling MUCH better. I'm sorry that it has been painful, and I'm sorry that you lost the crown eating popcorn :( (Reading your account of what happened made me think of a time when I lost one. Arrrgh.)

    Finding a good dentist is so valuable and I'm glad that you like yours. I knew I was getting old when my dentist talked to me one day about restoration work. I thought .....what am I? An antique? "This Old House?" lol We had a good laugh.

    Your necklace with the coveted local lapis is gorgeous...and the latest pieces are exquisite. I would know your pieces anywhere with the sweet and sexy blooms! What a lovely addition your pretty carnelian/pearl necklace would be for whoever recently bought the carnelian/pearl earrings.

    Happy belated birthdays to Cinda & Laura.... that's Cinder with a Boston accent :)

  3. Thank you Evie very sweet :)

    It's been a bit rocky Lisa but in the scope of things who can complain. My last dentist was calling all it down hill when I was 30, this one is a little too complimentary. I think I need to find middle of the road dentist.

    Oh yes I do love the local lapis. Only one person around here digs for it and cabs it. He stopped selling it to me thinking he would get someone to wire wrap for him and sell it that way. I was happy to get my hands on a few more nice cabs.

    I love your Boston accent now I want to go to Cheers :)

  4. I hope your feeling better! Ro! You've been on my mind~

  5. Thank you Deb, I'm doing much, much better.

    (((((hugging back))))))))))

  6. Thank you for the birthday wishes Songbird!

    (My name is Cinda)... My New England friends say Cinder, you have a good ear for accents.

    I have a daughter in school at Boston University. I am with her now, celebrating her 22nd birthday. (Her birthday is the day before mine.) I am so happy to be with her. I can't get enough of my girls!

    Funny...last year we did go to Cheers in Boston to celebrate! Fun place. Not exactly like the TV Cheers. I didn't see Coach or Woody!

    Ro, I'm glad to hear that your back and crown issues are improving.
    Stay healthy and keep on making your beautiful jewelry. : )

    xo, Cinda