Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Garden Guest

I was out digging in my front garden the other day when my little friend showed up.

She's friendly and huntie, she brought us a tiny baby bunny once. It was unharmed about four inches long we put it back under the tangerine bush where the bunnies lived.

She would often saunter into my studio and flop. I gave her a few lessons in metalworking but she was always distracted by the birds. While I was teaching sometimes she would fly out the door and suddenly climb a tree. I used to teach art to the younger grades and I'm positive some of those kids would have liked to do the same thing.
*look how blendie she is.

Her collar states that her name is Komiko. I hadn't seen Komiko in quite a while.......

I wonder why?

Have a fine day all xo Ro and the ranch hands


  1. She is really pretty, reminds me of DBs cat "Owen".
    Love the photo of your dogs all in the doorway

    Have a great day!

  2. Ha ha...too funny those dogs! Komiko is gorgeous! I am telling you I have to visit you. xx

  3. hahahahaha, I LOVE the pictures of the dogs, they are thinking, why is that cat there, and WE are stuck in here, come on MOM let us OUT, we have some chasing to do!
    What a beautiful cat! I love Komiko's eyes. How lucky you were to have a visit!

  4. Heeheeeeheeeeeeeee, the DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!! Debbie's right, they have PLANS for Komiko.

    Somehow, though, I think Komiko could take them all....

    Lovely eyes, beautiful demeanor--she finds sanctuary in your studio, too--or, at least, wonderful diversions!!

  5. Those green eyes are to die for! What a beauty. She probably weighs more than both terrifying Yorkies combined:)
    Isn't it fun to get a visit from a wanderer?

  6. She is beautiful! Those gorgeous green eyes...
    Your dogs are too cute staring out the window.

  7. No wonder ALL eyes are on her...they are the most spectacular GREEN!

  8. I've been scurrying around all day...

    Owen must be beautiful Julie, those grass green eyes!!

    We MUST Mona! xo

    Deb, you've witnessed them :)

    Caroline, I once carried Marty over to meet Komiko, Mart was all growls and pretty kitty was very calm and Zen, when I put Marty close to her side he snapped and tried to grab her, yikes, what a nerd, he's half as big.

    You're right Carlene those yorkies would be toast!

    Hi Tess, I've seen your beautiful cat too xo

    Hello Nancy, Her eyes knock me out!
    Thank you you're new shop is gorgeous and so YOU!!! xo

  9. hahhhaa too cute! Those dogs look so patient watching like that!! LOL!!!
    And Komiko's eyes, I agree, are so pretty and green, WOW!!

  10. Ro, what a tease you are with that first picture. I can't be the only one caught off-guard by that furry tail ! Love your description of her being "huntie." (I vote for adding that word to Webster's.)

    You are too funny -- with Komiko being distracted by the birds (he heee!)while you were giving her a few lessons :)

    I would think that Komiko's owners would love a copy of that close-up photo. Those eyes. (And those are HER colors in the background.)

    P.S. Hope your dentist appt. went well <3 ... you too, Harsi of the hills!

  11. Hello Vita, good to see you! Silly aren't they.

    Hi Lisa, Cats have so much finesse, Banjo just crashes around and chases, Komiko is good and patient.

    I have no idea who owns her we only have two neighbors but they live on a different street and I've only met one of them. She's groomed and loved and somehow steers clear of the coyotes.

    All crowned after nearly 3 and a half hrs in there. Dr *Gadget is very skilled. pheuf!

    I hope to hike with Harsi within the next few days and catch up.


  12. Heehee those doggies are *so* cute just watching and waiting! My little guy Tucker would not look so poised sitting there by the window while a kitty strutted around in his territory LOL

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